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Old 12-27-2011, 07:56 AM
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The Dear God 300%_Density Is Doing An End Of Year Review

After spending 3 (registered) years on here I figured I'd get brave enough for a 2011 year end review. I'll get rid of serious stuff in the beginning & then get onto the metal. 2011 was one of the best years for me personally & tragic all @ once. In a matter of weeks I got fired from my job & then 3 weeks later an F5 tornado tore through my hometown. Killing 160 people. It was the 27th deadliest in world history. I lost a former coworker & a good friend lost her brother & his 2 kids. The house I grew up in had its roof taken off and was demo'd. Luckily my parents are tough & they plan on moving back in by spring!!! I still see the devastation every day. It gets a little easier w/ time. Thank God for metal & thank God for this site. I had metal going while cleaning up @ my parents house & I would check this site to get away as a nice distraction. You guys might not have known you helped distract me @ that time but thank you everyone. I almost felt guilty for awhile because it seemed like I didn't deserve to have fun. Luckily I finally got over that feeling.

OK. Enough negative 2011 shit. Review time!!! I'm going to do top 5 shows and I hope to get in my top 10 albums by end of the year.

#5 - Foo Fighters / Motorhead @ BOK Center Tulsa, OK - I was most excited to see FF actually take Motorhead out on an arena tour and even more stoked I got Motorhead and not Rise Against like the other leg got. Motorhead set wasn't out of the ordinary. It was great seeing them in an arena. Foo Fighters were just a bonus. I will say their new album has the heaviest songs I've ever heard them do. It was the highlight of the year being their first show and Lemmy coming out to do their Probot song. It was just amazing. Up until the Guns show this was the longest set I've ever seen. Some of it drug on bit Dave is a hell of a frontman. Just great. Topper of the night was them doing Tie Your Mother Down and saying they'd play weddings. Haven't been to many arena shows that were worth the $ but this was.

#4 - Terror @ The Marquee Tulsa, OK - Had there been better support this would have been higher. Stray From The Path blew and after getting the shit beat out of me I was Not interested in acacia strain. For anyone who has seen Terror you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you've never seen Terror I can't explain enough what a Terror show is like. Crazy ass shit. I got kicked in the ear, elbowed, had a bruise on my leg the size of my fist because of the low stage & I almost broke my camera. And I had the time of my life. It was an evening of Vogelisms. I can't wait to see them again in March. I wish I could actually see them headline instead of having to support everytime. The cliffnotes version of this... see Terror if you get the chance.

#3 - Fear Factory @ The Marquee Tulsa, OK - I've wanted to see FF for years and this was worth the wait. Show was originally new years day but got pushed to June. Since I bought my ticket already I got to be part of Fear Factory meet & greet before the show. Hell of a value for the $23 I ended up paying. All the openers were shit but Fear Factory was everything I hoped for. Burton screaming Shock in my face was one of the highlights of my year. They played a lot of what I wanted to hear. Crowd was crazy for them. They played a tiny venue and I was right against the stage. Not much more that I can ask for.

#2 - Guns N' Roses @ Sprint Center Kansas City, MO - I'll first say suck it haters. Any other band doing an almost 3 hour set would be something positive. But of course there will always be those who are stuck in '87 or even '91 even tho a lot of the guys have been in the band longer than the original guys. Moving on... an almost 3 hr set w/ just about any gnr song you'd ever want to hear, sweet stage and a lot of Pyro, it completely exceeded my expectations. Hell they even came out 3 mins early. I was on the side who despised this version of the band, I will gladly say I was wrong. I'll gladly see them again.

#1 (Tie) Arson Anthem / Warbeast @ Drifters Fayetteville, AR - One of my shows of the year happened to be the first show of the year. Another tiny place. Shocked we got an AA show when they only did like 6 shows and we were lucky to get one. I made sure to upgrade to the VIP and it was worth it. We watched soundcheck and watched AA jam on Motley Cre and then make fun of them. Soundcheck was the most fun part of it all. After they screwed around we did a meet & greet and got signed posters. The show was killer. I never heard Haarp before and holy shit they were intense. Super heavy band!!! My next new discovery was Warbeast. That's some of the best thrash I've heard in a long time. Hopefully after the Down EPs come out they will bring Warbeast out w/ them as Phil usually brings Housecore bands w/ him. They were a ton of fun and they brought Phil out for a song. You get a chance to see them don't pass it up. I wasn't sure what to think of AA going into the show based on their 2 releases. They were better than what I assumed they'd be and they did Sister fucker pt. 1 and Ain't Talkin Bout Love. Those were the 2 favorite covers they did. During their last song Haarp & Warbeast came out and it was mayhem everywhere. Guitarist for Warbeast who's like 6'4 or 6'5 was stage diving and others stage diving. Great killer show to start the year out.

#1 (Tie) Metalliance @ Southside Music Hall Dallas, TX - No way I could choose just 1 number 1 this year. When I found out my favorite band (Helmet) was headlining I was ready to go wherever to see them. I'd never been to Dallas so I figured what the hell I'll roadtrip. What an amazing lineup, and this was before they decided to clone Summer Slaughter. I'd never heard the Atlas Moth and loved them, sadly I'd never got to listen to Kylesa and loved them too, finally got to see Red Fang and they were even better than I expected, now for the 3 reasons I went. Crowbar was everything I had hoped for and more, St. Vitus was just ungodly amazing & I got a pick that was in Dave's mouth. I can't wait for the new album. I know a lot of people were mad Helmet got to headline over St. Vitus, I understand why. It was kinda sad because I knew people were starting to file out. Oh well. Their loss. The whole Meantime album live was just crushing. Got to hear a lot of songs I'd never heard. Top to bottom just a fantastic lineup. I'm glad I paid for the VIP as I got pics w/ Page, Wino & Kirk. Bring back more doom/stoner for this in 2013!!!!!
3/5 - Dope
6/6 - Morbid Angel
7/11 - Iron Maiden
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Old 12-27-2011, 08:45 AM
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Man that's great to hear about yourself and your family, I can't begin to imagine the pain and sorrow, but keeping the head high is all you can do, and it sounds like you're persevering and keeping the faith! Looking forward to the rest of your list
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Old 12-27-2011, 10:25 AM
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Fear Factory is the last of my favorite bands that I haven't seen live. I'm dying to see them. SHOCK
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