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Deep Purple -- Ledyard, CT -- July 30th, 2015
Anthrax -- West Hollywood, CA -- July 30th, 2015
Slipknot -- Clarkston, MI -- July 28th, 2015
Convictions -- Toledo, OH -- July 24th, 2015
Conquer Divide -- Westland, MI -- April 12th, 2015

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Type O Negative at GMM 2007. Like I said before, You just knew the man was going to die very soon. Awful sound, Peter Steele was more interested in his lyric book and his wine bottle.

Channel Zero at GMM 2010: no further comment.

Sean Paul at Rock Werchter 2004: Early in the evening we had to see (because we were in the front row) this whining drug fuelled wanksta. Positive thing: I was remembered again why I HATE RNB.
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08/08 - Alcatraz Metalfestival
25/09 - Anneke Van Giersbergen
03/10 - Glenn Hughes
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Old R&B is good stuff. But other than that I would agree with you.
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Originally Posted by TheGrandWazoo40 View Post

Wow... That's something that makes me still wish I was out of the loop....
Yeah. Musically, it was pretty good IMO. His vocals though, not so much. Still listenable, but far below their past vocalists.

08/30: Terror
10/15: Soilwork, Decapitated (?)
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Probably when I saw Suffocation last year at a venue in West Dundee, IL. Now at first you may think "WHAT" but not to worry, Suffocation fucking killed it live and I am more than happy to have FINALLY seen them, but they got their set cut really short because the people at the venue didn't know what they were doing. They took literally half an hour to sound check Fleshgod Apocalypse, most of the time spent checking the wrong fucking microphone.

Decrepit Birth were awesome as well there. Through the Eyes of the Dead were awful. Same with The Faceless, I've seen them before and they've been great then but they were just horrible that night. And of course, because these people don't know how to run a venue, they cut Suffocation's set from over an hour to under 40 minutes. I am so glad that the venue was shut down now because I could've sworn that I would've burned it down sometime soon after that.
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Easily the Melvins in Toronto last year. Doors at 6:30, I got there at 7 and got the rail, waited until 9:15 for the Melvins to come out, no openers, they played for an hour and a half and the set was terrible. The band didn't want to be there. I'll never see them again, and they're one of my favorite bands

And even though it was one of the best concerts I ever saw, standing for two hours listing to traditional Indian music waiting for Mr. Bungle in 1999 was horrid. Thankfully Bungle was great.
07/31 - Windhand
08/06 - Neurosis
08/07 - Faith No More
08/22 - Motley Crue
09/19 - Godflesh
09/25-26 - Godspeed You! Black Emperor
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Blink-182/My Chemical Romance- It wasn't so much the performances (though blink-182 half-assed the first third of their set), just the overall experience made this the least fun I've ever had a concert. The crowd was full of douchebags. I saw at least 30 fistfights on the lawn (one of my friends even said he heard a kid say "I don't even know you, why are we fighting?) It was also downpouring during blink's entire set, which made it even less pleasant. Then the traffic after the show was fucking insane due to the amount of accidents on the highway because of the crazy rain. On top of all that, I had to deal with one of my friends bitchy girlfriend all night. Really not worth it in retrospect.

Bring Me The Horizon/August Burns Red/Emarosa- The worst concert I've been to performance-wise. Only went to see August Burns Red, who were great. It's just Bring Me The Horizon and (especially) Emarosa were god awful. I arrived late and missed Polar Bear Club and This Is Hell, who probably would have made this show more enjoyable.
8/4 Slipknot/LOG
8/7 Deftones/Incubus
9/18 Fall of Troy
10/3 Revocation/Archspire

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Machine Head (opening for Metallica) - Fucking terrible.

After The Burial (opening for Fear Factory) - Boring as shit and a band full of douchebags. Someone yelled "these guys suck, bring out Fear Factory" and they exploded into full-on wigger defense mode. "Oh yeah bro? What's YOUR band called? Huh bro? Well I haven't heard of em!"


Oceano (SS) - Garbage. Overtriggered drummer struggled to play their own songs.

AILD (w/ LOG, COB, MW, GF) - Boring. Overrated band with a shitty singer (that sounds good in Austrian Death Machine. Probably because he sticks to his godawful midrange with AILD)

2 Cents (opening for Danzig) - Didn't know that a lame Pantera tribute band could get signed and tour. At least the singer had the same haircut as CFH era Phil and they covered Strength Beyond Strength because I didn't know that they liked Pantera
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Transit in CT a few weeks ago I didn't enjoy to much.

I only went because a friend was going alone and didn't know how to get there, so I said why not and thought it would be a good show to mosh to, and the venue has become my favorite place ever since coming to college here in CT. Well there was like 4 local openers who all had no self confidence whatsoever, played forgettable music, and the crowd didn't care about them at all. I was directly upfront for Transit. The venue really has no stage, it is a foot off the ground so there is nothing to lean on or anything. Well there was no moshing, all it was was a bunch of dudes climbing on top of each other in attempt to scream into the mic. Really had an awful time being up front and not knowing any of the words. The band wasn't even enjoyable to watch. Couldn't wait for it to be over, and luckily the set was only about 20 minutes.
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Def Leppard and The Scorpions were pretty bad but nothing comes close to the last Metallica gig I went to, everything was horrible and until they refund me my 100$ ticket plus the 60 $ worth of beer I spend there I never give them another penny. Fuck them

Cheers !
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I might get some hate for this, but hands down Symphony X. Terrible sound, couldn't even hear the guitar. Boring performance.
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