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1349 -- Brooklyn, NY -- May 31, 2015
Twisted Sister -- Las Vegas, NV -- May 30th, 2015
The Contortionist -- Detroit, MI -- May 30th, 2015
L7 -- Los Angeles, CA -- May 28th, 2015
Blue Oyster Cult -- Springfield, MA -- May 29th, 2015

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One of our own made it big

Brad (aka DethMaiden) told me yesterday that one of our former members, Addison (aka ADD) is the new drummer for Slough Feg! Holy shit! Probably not a lot of people still here who've been around long enough to remember him, but that's cool as hell. Here's the press release: https://www.facebook.com/sloughfegof...52850701959401
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That's awesome congrats to him....I remember when I was in the Iron Maiden FC board back in 2008 a member said that he got the gig as the bassist for Iced Earth...and that member was Freddie Vidales who played from 2008-2012

So very cool to know someone either close or on the internet to get a big gig
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That is pretty damn cool. I know they won't get to tour much, but to be able to say you are in Slough Feg is pretty fucking awesome!
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05/10 - Septicflesh
05/16 - Anaal Nathrakh
05/17 - Aborted (?)
05/21 - 05/24 - MDF XIII
05/27 - Cryptopsy
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I think I know who this is... Either way though, that's awesome!
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Well fuck. Congrats to him.
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I think I remember him. Way to go, ADD.

But you're all stars in my eyes.
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He was around when I was lurking, I know that much. Right on, man. That's killer, if they get to play Ireland with him in the band I'm going to bring the board up to him!
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Wait, Addison == ADD?!

HOLY FUCK THAT'S SO COOL. Reading ADD's old reviews paints an awesome portrait of the mini thrash revival that happened in the bay a few years back. Can't wait to see him play with Feg in June.
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I think I came to this board too late to remember him but Slough Feg rules and it kicks ass that he's in.
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