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Old 11-28-2011, 05:57 PM
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Between the Buried and Me -- San Francisco, CA -- November 27th, 2011

Between the Buried and Me @ The Fillmore, 11-27-11

After ravaging through Amoeba records looking for used CDs, the gang(my pops, me, and 2 pals), headed on down to the legendary Fillmore. This was my first time there. So we get there about 6:45ish, thinking the doors open at 8:00, but it turns out that is when the show starts and doors open at 7:00 so by the we get there there is a pretty decent line outside the venue. This worried me because I wanted some of dat rail, but I ened pretty close(2nd row), so no big deal. We get in, and my dad decides to spend the evening up stairs, because he didn't want to deal with the stench that a thousand 15-25 year-olds emit. He's told me that that is the main thing that gets to him at shows. Not the shoving, not the crowd-surfers, but the smell. I don't blame him. While he was up there, he met a couple about his age at the show. They were visiting from Ohio, and wanted to go to The Fillmore, because it's a legendary venue, so they checked out about 1 minute of a BTBAM song, and decided to go,. Apperantly the 1 minute they caught online was a melodic part(I'm thinking it was probably Mirrors) so they had no clue BTBAM as a metal band. My dad informed of what BTBAM was, and that there were two openers who ere also Metal, and they didn't believe him until they pulled 'em up again on Youtube, and found out my dad was right. The promptly left the venue . So we were able to get some spots right behind the dudes on rail, then we waited for the show to begin.

Tesseract started off the night with some delivious 7-string tomfoolery. I wasn't looking forward to their set so much because of what I've heard from the new vocalist, but it wasn't that bad. Granted, he's not as good as Dan, but I was impressed with his abilities. There were some moments where I didn't like how he vocalized a certain part, growling where there was once singing and hitting high notes where they didn't really belong. But that's just his approach to the songs, and I respect that he takes it on his own way as opposed to trying to imitate Dan, because that wouldn't work. They played the same set they did when I saw them with Protest the Hero, and this time aroud the crowd was pretty into them. I went apeshit during Deception and The Impossible this time around too. GOD DAMN NIGGA, THOSE RIFFS. Also, something funny was that there was a middle-aged woman in the crowd singing her heart to every word during Tesseract's set. I thought it was lulzy.

The Impossible

While Animals as Leaders was setting up, it was obvious that a lot of the people there were quite excited to see them. I have a feeling a fair amount of people were there for them. When Tosin came out to set up his shit, there were tons of shouts and screams, so I thought that their set would be pretty eneretic crowd-wise. It was not.

The cats in Animals as Leaders are great musicians. There's no way around it. So, naturally, I was looking forward to watching Tosin make that 8-string behemoth his bitch. And that he did. But the thing is, it their music isn't the most exciting. Even when Tosin has both hands on the neck, using all of his fingers to tap notes, the music is really relaxed and just really groove-based. A little too much at times. There were segments of their set where to be frank, I was a tad bored. Mainly the parts where they kind of sat on a chugging groove. The crowd was also kind of boring around this time, but that's probably because everybody was too busy watching Tosin wreck shop. The guys(Tosin, really) had some cool moments, but I don't find their music to be that entertaing, and they aren't as performers either. At least the light show was cool.

Animals as Leaders
An Infinte Regression
Tempting Time
Song of Solomon
Point to Point
Isolated Incidents
Thoroughly at Home
Wave of Babies
Cylindrical Sea

The time for BTBAM came upon us, and I was more than ready. The guys started the show with the mesmerizing Mirrors, to wich I sang along all of the words, then transitioned into the titan that is Obfuscation, to which I went ape-shit for. I kind of feel a little sorry for the dude in front of me, because I could tell he wasn't too fond of me pushing into him and shouting all the words like a madman while doing so, but fuck him, it's BTBAM and they're one of my favoties bands. They guys in BTBAM are all great musicians, and their set really showed all of 'em off. There were plenty of guitar solos, bass solos, and even a drum solo, which was awesome. The set also showcased all of Tommy Roger's vocal abilities, which are quite impressive if I do say so myself. He also had a great stage presence. Their set was really high energy, the crowd was really into it, it was just a really fun time. I loved the medley they threw together for this set, and I went crazy for the minte or so they played of Shevanel Cut A Flip. Hopefully I'll see the whole thing one day. Witnessing White Walls was also a spectacle. The guys ended the setnot only with Mordecai, but 50 push-ups from Black Richardson. #pushupswag. After the set I got a handshake with Dustie.

Between the Buried and Me
Foamborn (B): Decade of Statues
Disease, Injury, Madness
Specular Reflection(with drum solo)
Old-stuff Medley
White Walls

Tesseract 8/10
Animal as Leaders 7.5/10
Between the Buried and Me: 9.5/10

After that, we went to In-N-Out and I had a delicious milkshake. 'Twas chill.
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Old 11-28-2011, 07:59 PM
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White Walls is insane live!
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Old 11-29-2011, 01:30 PM
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Nice man. Sounds like a sweet show. I saw them back in April? and I was hoping they'd play either Mirrors or Obfuscation, but they played neither
Still amzing though
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animals as leaders, between the buried and me, push ups, tesseract

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