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Blind Guardian -- Worcester, MA -- September 16th, 2016
It Lies Within -- Toledo, OH -- December 2nd, 2016
Dark Tranquillity -- Mesa, AZ -- December 3rd, 2016
Spoken -- Westland, MI -- November 30th, 2016
Absu -- Los Angeles, CA -- August 14th, 2016

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Obscura -- Santa Ana, CA -- November 22nd, 2011

Originally I wasn't going to hit up the Obscura tour, but they later booked an off-date closer to my house, so I decided to go. The show didn't include any of the other bands from the tour, just Obscura with two locals opening. I was actually happy about this, as I had no interest in seeing any of the other bands. The show was at the Constellation Room, a venue within a venue (venueception). The Constellation Room is just a smaller stage at the Galaxy Theater with it's own name. They just recently opened it and this was my first time seeing a band there, so I was looking forward to seeing what it was like.

As expected, the stage was pretty small and I was happy to see that it had no barricade. The lighting was really nice, as everything was new. The backstage area was on the opposite side of the room, so the bands had to walk through the crowd to get on stage. It was an intimate set up, which is what I prefer.

After getting inside I sat down in the big booth in the back and waited for the first local band, Dystopian. I had listened to a song on their Facebook page beforehand, but the quality was pretty bad, so I didn't even make it through the whole thing. I wasn't expecting much from them, but I was pleasantly surprised. They were easily one of the best local bands I've seen, and this was their first show ever. They seemed to have a lot of influence from Human era Death. They actually had the crowd chanting for one more song after their set. I'm hoping they put out a better quality demo sometime soon, and I wouldn't mind seeing them again.

The next local band was absolutely horrid, so I'm not even going to bother writing about them. I honestly don't remember their name anyway. So, after sitting through their set, which seemed to drag on forever, Obscura began setting up their equipment. I moved up to the front of the crowd so I could have a nice view of the insane shredding. They opened with a few new songs before delving into their previous works. Their live performance is so precise it is remarkable, and their sound was great. Steffen thanked everybody for coming out a couple times; he seemed surprised that they were able to draw a good size crowd mostly on their own. After a nice drum solo they went into "Nothing", a song from their first album. I was very pleased that they brought back an old song for this tour, as Retribution is my favorite album from them. They closed with the epic "Centric Flow" and unfortunately it was over. It felt much too short, although it was a standard set length. Hopefully I will be able to catch them again when they return next year.
  1. Septuagint
  2. Vortex Omnivium
  3. Ocean Gateways
  4. Anticosmic Overload
  5. Incarnated
  6. Universe Momentum
  7. Noospheres
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  8. Nothing
  9. Centric Flow
1.23 Ash Borer / Volahn
2.2 Obliteration
2.7 Mayhem / Inquisition
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