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Cynic -- Montreal, Quebec -- November 9th, 2011

Venue: Foufounes Électriques

The Ocean were added a few days to this show and I was really looking forward to see them. They totally killed it! The songs were heavy and intense and everything sounded perfect. However, I would had liked them to play a bit longer, because I was waiting to see them for like 2-3 years. I talked to Loïc after the show and he told me they started late and they had to cut the old songs from their set, because they had problems with the second guitars that were tuned for the "Precambrian" songs. Anyway, I can't wait for them to come back here with a longet set. I got a pick prom Robin and I bought the "Precambrian" CD (15$ for a double album is a good deal!).

Then Scale the Summit played. I know a lot of people were psyched to see them, but I thought they were kinda boring. Sure, they're incredibly talented musicians, but their music just didn't make me feel anything. Though, I have to admit that some song parts were great (in "Gallows" for example).

Three completely blew my mind. I had heard some of their songs before and I thought they sounded good, but I wasn't expecting such a great show. The riffs were heavy as hell and Joey's voice was incredible: it was clear, he went surprisingly high in some verses and sometimes he held notes for like 30 seconds. Thus, his guitar playing beats almost everything I've seen before. He has a really special, flamenco-inspired, finger-picking technique. Songs like "The End Is Begun" were just ridiculously good, and the jam section was really cool. It started with and acoustic guitar solo by Joey, followed with a drum solo and it finished with a jam including a vocal solo by Joey . This was probably the most fun prog band I've seen live!

Finally, when Cynic played, the place was packed. Their performance was almost a spiritual thing; you would be in a kind of musically induced trance . They had projections on two screens in the back of the stage, which added to the atmosphere. Every song sounded great, from the new ones of the "Carbon-Based Anatomy" EP, from which they played every song, to the old ones from "Focus" (the midi-guitar solo at the end of "How Could I" gave me chills )! Both voices of Paul and the touring guitarist were perfect, and Sean looked like he was having the time of his life drumming. During "Integral Birth", Paul made us sing the lyrics (at the "weep no more..." verse). That was fun too. There were no pits, except for "How Could I"; it was a concert where you would listen and be amazed by the bands, which is a nice contrast compared to the last, very violent, shows I've been to (Decapitated, and especially Exhumed). At the end, we chanted "CYNIC! CYNIC! CYNIC! ..." relentlessly for them to come back and play one more song, but sadly they never did. Maybe the venue asked them to finish by midnight. One of my friends also told me that "Textures" was on the setlist, but they crossed it off. I would have liked to hear that song very much, but well, with the time I had, I can't complain!

The Ocean

Shamayim (intro)
The Grand Inquisitor II: Roots and Locusts
She Was the Universe
The Origin of Species
The Origin of God

Scale the Summit

Origin of Species
The Levitated
Black Hills
Sargasso Sea


Alien Angel
My Divided Falling
These Iron Bones
The End Is Begun
*Jam Section*


Hieroglyph (intro)
Amidst the Coals
Carbon-Based Anatomy
Evolutionnary Sleeper
How Could I
Adam's Murmur
Celestial Voyage
Elves Beam Out
King of Those Who Know
Veil of Maya
Wheels Within Wheels
Integral/Integral Birth
Box Up My Bones
The Space for This
8/6 - SubRosa

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This makes me excited for Sunday!
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Cynic we're fucking godly both times I saw them. It's totally mindblowing to see Masvidal/Reinert on stage together. Wish this tour was coming to Van again.

Pretty decent setlist too actually, the new EP is stellar
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cynic, scale the summit, the ocean, three (band)

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