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Old 11-24-2011, 07:50 PM
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Lil B "The Based God" - Illusions of Grandeur (2010)

"The most prolific mixtape in hip hop ever to come out" - Lil B

Most people know Lil B for his songs like Wonton Soup, Ellen Degeneres, and Pretty Bitch but he actually has a rather large amount of styles. The Illusions of Grandeur mixtape is one of his more serious tapes. You won't find any cooking music on here. That's not to say this tape is a display of skillful rapping and lyricism. Lil B has stated numerous times that he doesn't give a fuck and he just wants to get his message across. Some times he just doesn't even attempt to rap. How I Feel is just an incoherent rant about whether he's an 80's kid or a 90's kid since he was born in 89 but his childhood was in the 90's. Most of his lyrics on this tape as well as several others he did deal with being positive and and the problems with hood mentality. Lil B's rapping style in unorthodox and wouldn't typically be seen as good by most rap fans. He says in the track Based 4 Ya Face "I just talk, you connect the dots", that pretty much sums up his style. If your looking for some swagged out cooking songs this tape isn't for you, this is some serious emotional shit. #Based4life

Thank You Based God

Recommended Tracks:
Based 4 Ya Face
No Peace
Baby Baby
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Old 11-27-2011, 01:22 AM
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A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step (2003)

This is such an amazing album. Those of you who are familiar with the awesomeness that is known as Tool should know of A Perfect Circle. If not, then Maynard is the singer of APC. APC is not as heavy as Tool in any sense, but has such an amazing sound nonetheless. Thirteenth Step is a great step after the first album Mer De Noms. Most bands take a few albums to get to their maturity, but APC showed it in their second album. This is seriously one of the best albums that came out in the first decade of the 2000s.

Tracks to check out:


The Outsider

The Nurse Who Loved Me

I find it weird that this album came up for me. I really didn't want to hear APC for a while because I saw them with a girl that meant everything to me and we just ended. This was our band to enjoy together. hmmm
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