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Ash Borer -- Vancouver, British Columbia -- January 20th, 2017
Joe Walsh -- Las Vegas, NV -- January 13th, 2017
High on Fire -- Boise, ID -- January 18th, 2017
Metallica -- Hong Kong, Hong Kong -- January 20th, 2017
Meshuggah -- Dublin, Ireland -- January 18th, 2017

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Old 07-25-2011, 02:55 AM
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Heavy TO Day 2 -- Toronto, Ontario -- July 24th, 2011


World Painted Blood
Hate Worldwide
War Ensemble
Dead Skin Mask
Spirit in Black
Mandatory Suicide
Chemical Warfare
Silent Screams
Seasons in the Abyss
South of Heaven
Raining Blood
Black Magic
Angel of Death

Somehow I didn't recognize Dittohead or Black Magic, but seeing as how the rest of the set was the same as the other days, I would say it's a good bet that they played those two.


Over the Wall
The Preacher
The New Order
Practice What You Preach
More Than Meets the Eye
Souls of Black
Into the Pit
Disciples of the Watch
Do Not Resuscitate
3 Days in Darkness
? (may have been a continuation of 3 days; I'm not really familiar with the song)
The Formation of Damnation


March of the Crabs
Juggernaut of Justice
Fukin' Eh
New Orleans Voodoo
Mothra (extended)
White Rhino
Metal on Metal

Death Angel:

I Chose the Sky (?)
Mistress of Pain
Claws In So Deep
Seemingly Endless Time
The Ultra Violence (intro)
Thrown to the Wolves


The Ballad of Leonard and Charles (?)
War is My Shepherd
Bonded by Blood
The Toxic Waltz
Strike of the Beast

Overall, I think day 2 was better than day 1. Even though day 1 had more bands I hadn't seen before and a longer running time for good bands, day 2 was still more fun. It helped that it wasn't as hot out and that the bands were better staggered (for me at least). My biggest issue with this show was how loud it was. My brother and I got out of the car around 1 and we could hear the first band perfectly. We put in our ear plugs almost as soon as we got in, although my ears will be ringing for a while because one of them fell out during Slayer's set and I didn't notice for a while. Merch was still $35 a shirt, except for the Heavy TO ones which were $30. Slayer had the best shirts, but I didn't buy any.

I was pretty excited when Exodus started. It was my second time seeing them and they were awesome. I wish they'd play something from Exhibit A instead of Exhibit B. Funeral Hymn or Children of a Worthless God would have been way better than the Exhibit B song we got. After that, it was pretty much all classics that were a lot of fun. As usual, they did the wall of death during Strike of the Beast, but it seemed like a lot of people stood on the sides instead of joining in.

Death Angel were up next and were good. Even though I have all of their albums, I couldn't pick out their songs that easily besides Seemingly Endless Time and The Ultra Violence. They were really energetic and I want to see them again when I know their songs better. It's too bad that they don't play anything from Killing Season, but I enjoyed their set.

After an hour break, Anvil were up next. This was the only other band who I had seen before and they played nearly an identical set to last time I saw them. I think they may have added in two songs (New Orleans Voodoo and I think 666). As expected, they were really entertaining. Lips solos throughout the entire set and makes some hilarious faces. The usual antics occurred during Mothra and Rob did his drum solo during White Rhino. If you've never seen Anvil, they're worth experiencing at least once.

Once Baptized in Blood ended (who were probably the loudest band of the weekend), it was time for Testament! The band played perfectly and picked a fantastic setlist, but they sounded awful. I'm not sure I've ever heard a band sound that bad. I'd love to see them again, but they were disappointing because of the sound.

I watched maybe half of Mastodon, but they aren't my thing. I know they played Blood and Thunder and Colony of Birchmen.

Slayer was up next and were the best band of the weekend. I had never seen anything so crazy in my life. The setlist was near perfect, the band looked like they weren't even trying, and everyone was headbanging throughout. It was actually too violent. During Postmortem, a girl that was 5 feet in front of me got hit in the head with a polaroid camera. Someone actually flung it way up in the air and it landed on her head. I didn't see any blood, but my brother said she was bleeding and she did leave afterwards. Besides cameras, frisbees, foam hands, water bottles (including 8 litre ones), shoes, and tons of other stuff was constantly being thrown around. Some people really just don't think and can't let others enjoy a band I guess.

The first four songs of Billy Talent were entertaining. Everything thrown in the crowd during Slayer was thrown onto the stage of Billy Talent. Tons of water landed all over the stage and I'm pretty sure guitars/amps were hit. One of the roadies kept trying to stare down people in the audience, but they ran out of things to throw anyways. The rest of the set was boring, but some people seemed to enjoy it. They played Fallen Leaves, Devil on My Shoulder, and some other stuff I hadn't heard before. (I'm not even sure if those song titles are right, but those are the choruses).

We stayed for the first four Rob Zombie songs. The stage looked cool, and I'm a huge Alice Cooper fan, but the music was pretty boring. We were both pretty tired anyways, but I don't know how Rob Zombie could ever headline over Slayer. Either way, it was a really fun weekend and I need to see Slayer and Anthrax again.
2/9 - Spellcaster (?)
2/10 - Havok, Exmortus
4/11 - Kreator, Obituary
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