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Slaughter -- Las Vegas, NV -- April 30th, 2011

KOMP 92.3 Listener Appreciation Concert
Sunset Station Ampitheatre

The Wild Life
Take Me Away
Burnin' Bridges
Spend My Life
Mad About You
Eye To Eye
Living Inside [New Song]
Real Love
Fly To The Angels
Up All Night

This was actually a pretty cool show because it was absolutely FREE. All you had to do to get tickets was show up to a live remote from either 97.1 The Point or Komp 92.3 and you could pick up two free tickets. Pretty wicked!

The only bummer part about the show was that it was outdoors and it was FREEZING and windy. I know that might seem hard to believe in April and in vegas, but hey, maybe there's something to global warming after all

I was pretty stoked to see Slaughter since I've been a fan since I was a little kid and their music video for "Shout It Out" was on the VHS tape of "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey." This concert was definently something I had been waiting to see for many years.

The group took to the stage a little bit after 8PM, and the crowd had actually grown quite big. Usually, a lot of people don't show up to these free listener appreciation gigs.

So the band jumped into "The Wild Life," and they sounded TIGHT. The drummer in particular was a monster to watch. He was jumping off of the amplifiers into the drumset, flipping his sticks up in the air in the midst of gale-force winds and actually catching them, and at one point he even threw a set of his cymbals across the stage. Very intense! Unfortunately, I have no clue what his name was. I'm quite positive it wasn't the original drummer though, as Mark Slaughter and Dana Strum looked to be the only folks left from the original line-up.

The let-down of the night was Mark Slaughter's vocals. I really wanted to be blown away as his vocals were always just different enough from all of the other hair metal bands that his songs became more rememberable. However, it was rather painful to listen to. His high notes have severely suffered over the years. It was to such a point that "Fly to the Angels" had to be played in a lower key to accommodate his vocal misfortune.

I didn't think the setlist was too bad, as I had never seen Slaughter before and was really happy hearing ANYTHING. However, I did take a look on setlist.fm at the group's sets and noticed that all of the sets on there are almost exactly the same from 1992 and on So crazy! I guess I can assume that if I see them again I won't have high hopes to hear "Times They Change" live. Or any Vinnie Vincent Invasion material, though that might be asking for a bit much.

Great White were the headliner of the evening, but I really couldn't be bothered to stay and watch because it was just too damn cold! That, and the only song I really love by them is "Rock Me." I must admit, from what I heard in the parking lot on the way out, they sounded alright. Maybe next time I'll stick around.
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Mark Kelly is dead so he was certainly was not there, where's Blas Elias?????
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