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Death -- Los Angeles, CA -- February 26th, 2011

Live At The Echoplex

SIC ALPS 9:30 - 10:10

(no setlist)

RTX 10:45 - 11:20

(off printed setlist, not all songs played)

Ratt Will Kill
Rad Times
My House
West X
Hot Stupid
12 Gates
Too Badd

DEATH 11:40 - 12:40

02. Keep On Knocking
03. Rock N Roll Victim
04. Let The World Turn
05. The Change
06. Freakin' Out
07. You're A Prisoner
08. Where Do We Go From Here?
09. The Masks
10. Politicans In My Eyes
11. Can You Give Me A Thrill?

The "review" I posted last night

NOT the death metal band.

Apparently there was a pre-punk garage band in Detroit in the early to mid 1970's called Death who finally got their recorded material released and are doing some shows.

Just saw them at the Echoplex tonight. Would like to say I have been hip to them forever and looking forward to the show but only read about it in the LA Weekly yesterday and I just wanted to have something to do tonight.

Sampled a bit on You Tube/My Space and opted for this over Lords Of Altamont and Cold Blue Rebels (Mickey Finn of Jetboy) at the Redwood. RTX who I have been meaning to see forever (with Jennifer Herrema formerly of Royal Trux on vox) helped convince me to drop the $14.

"Meet Death" 2:37 intro to the band


"Politicians In My Eyes" live 2009

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMyBZi8x ... re=related

You can see some similiarities to War Pigs in both lyrical content and the way the jam is at the end. I usually don't like long jams but they could have dragged this out a lot longer they were locked into such a tight groove. Probably the loudest show I have seen so far this year. Decent size crowd, probably almost full (capacity 580).

RTX, however, no groove and no chemistry. Kinda liked a couple of the recorded songs I heard. However this had a seemingly bored and disinterested band who took the stage after a 15 minute delay (much of which had the guitarist crouched over a laptop just staring at it.)

Jennifer was really drunk and stumbling all over the stage and even fell off once, caught by the front row and thrown back up. At one point she was cursing the crowd out and saying something nearly indecipherable except for "we're not Royal Trux."

The area toward the front of the stage started out crowded but thinned out considerably until the plug was pulled.

At least that was scratched off the list with a killer set by the headliner making the cost and effort totally worth it.

Anyway not much of a review but I felt I had to say something. And I am more into seeing as many different bands as I can as opposed to the same few classic rock and metal acts over and over again the way it was for years.

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Ostensibly, this is the punk band; not zombie Chuck Schuldiner.
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Originally Posted by BrutalN00dle View Post
Ostensibly, this is the punk band; not zombie Chuck Schuldiner.
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death, rtx

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