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Old 01-17-2011, 02:44 PM
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New Hank III album out in April...

Hank III is a badass, so don't hate on his country music. Curb decided to screw him over by finally releasing his hellbilly album after he is off the label, so that III won't get any of the profits from it. Its fucked up, but that vinyl would be great to have.


Curb To Release Hank III ĎHillbilly Jokerí Album

On January 1st, Hank Williams III was officially done with his long, contentious 14 year relationship with Nashville major label Curb Records, but when he left, he left with unfinished business.

Sitting on a shelf somewhere inside the Curb Records complex was an album called This Ainít Country that Hank III had turned into them for release. The ensuing legal battle over the release of the album is where the cold war between Curb and Hank III became hot. Curb sat on the album, never releasing it, and refusing to allow Hank III to release it independently or on another label. Now Curb has decided to release it many years later, as well as possibly other shelved recordings as a title called Hillbilly Joker. It is due out April 5th, 2011 and can be pre-ordered through Amazon. It appears it will be available on vinyl, as well as CD & MP3.

This Ainít Country would probably be best described as a blend of Hank IIIís country band, and his heavy metal band Assjack. Hank III regularly performs a ĎHellbillyí set between the two distinctly different live sets, and the This Ainít Country material takes from that middle set. This Ainít Country has been distributed in the underground for years as a bootleg, and some of the songs appeared on Hank IIIís heavy metal Assjack release. The name ĎHillbilly Jokerí comes from This Ainít Countryís opening track.

The album was recorded in the early 2000′s, and once Curb would not release it, an online petition was started that read in part:

Music is probably the most widespread form of expression throughout the world, crossing many boundaries of race, religion, and gender. When an artist is not allowed to have his or her voice heard because of oppression from those with different views, I consider this a sad and unrighteous act by those who wonít let them speak out.

The purpose of this petition is to bring to light the voices of those people who would like to have a fair chance to listen to the recorded material by Hank Williams III and Assjack known as ďThis Ainít Country.Ē By having Curb Records release this material as an album available to us, the consumer, the true diversity and talent of the performing artists can finally be heard.

I believe that Curb records and fans of Hank Williams III would both benefit from the release if this proposal were accepted, the records would sell and the public would not be denied what we want to hear; itís the right thing to do financially and morally. Thank you.

Hypothetically this release is the resolution of this petition. I am very curious to find out what Hank III feels about this. He might be happy that it is finally getting released, or he may not appreciate Curb making money off of him now that he has left.

***UPDATE Ė Hank III is saying ďDonít but it, but get it some other way and burn the hell out of it and give it to everyone.Ē -UPDATE***

No track list is yet available, but this is the track list for the original This Ainít Country album:

1.Hellbilly Joker
2.Hang On
3.Life Of Sin
4.Mary Fucking Jane
5.Now Heís Dead
6.Tennessee Driver
7.Runniní & Gunniní
8.Ten Feet Down
9.Pistol Packiní Motherfucker
10.Drink It, Drug It
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Old 01-17-2011, 08:16 PM
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Fuhhh already?
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