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Low Threat Profile - Product #2

On Friday night I went to the Hatred Surge/Mammoth Grinder show at the Blvd and saw that Brain(owner of Blvd) had copies of the new Low Threat Profile full lenght, titled Product #2. I got excited and told my friend bout this, who is also a LTP freak like me. We went back and my friend grabbed it first and bought it, then I discovered that Brain only brought a few and there were no more left for me. I went back last night and was able to buy a copy from Kevin Fetus(Festus Eaters, Lack of Interest, Murder Construct) for a few bucks less, so I win haha.

As soon as I got home from the Bastard Noise show last night, I went straight to my turn table and put Product #2 on. Holy Fuck!! I was blown away by the Product #1 7 inch they put out last year, but Product #2 topped it with its 15 tracks of extremely aggressive power violence. Every single track kicks ass and there is never a dull moment. Everyone needs to hear this record asap. I still think that LTP is the best power violence band. It features Bob(Lack of Interest) on drums, Matt Domino(Infest) on guitar, Andy Beattie(No Comment, Man is the Bastard) on vocals, and Chris Dodge(Spazz, Lack of Interest, Despise You) on bass. Chris isn't listed on the records cause he only recently joined the band. They formed in 1996, recorded music for the next 4 years, finally recorded all vocals last year and performed their first show in July of 2010. The back of Product #2 says that the music was recorded in 2000 and the vocals in 2010. Hopefully the next record is released before 2020.

Here is the Product #1 7 inch uploaded on youtube so you can get a taste of what they are like.


If anyone ever sees Lack of Interest live, make sure to go over to the merch table and look through Kevin's vinyls to pick up both releases by LTP.

Or go here to get both


I kind of hate the fact it has only been released on vinyl. I love vinyl, but I also love listening to music in my car. Someone was awesome enough to rip Product #1 and upload it to mediafire, so heres the link to that, but make sure to buy the vinyls and see these guys live!

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That's some cool shit man. Thanks for posting!
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