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Black Sabbath -- Manchester, England -- January 22nd, 2017
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Old 11-03-2010, 12:48 PM
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Murderdolls -- Hollywood, CA -- October 31st, 2010

this what i remember from the Special Headline Halloween show that Murderdolls performed

The World According to Revenge
Chapel of Blood
Death Valley Superstars
Summertime Suicide
Slit My Wrist
Twist My Sister
Die My Bride
My Dark Place Alone
Drug Me To Hell
Blood-Stained Valentine
Pieces of You
Welcome to the Strange
Motherfucker, I Don't Care
Rock 'n' Roll Is All I Got
Dawn of the Dead
I Take Drugs
Hybrid Moments [Misfits Cover]
Dead In Hollywood
I Love To Say Fuck

i talked to Mad Manager before and he is a nice dude but dont pissed him off.
i got to say this is the dream set include People Hate Me which they should play but fuck it. I go to meet Joey J again before their soundcheck again chill & nice dude to meet and the Dolls are chill to meet again. i got to meet more new people at the show which it was awesome to do. anyways the show was really great from opening the World According to Revenge to Chapel Of Blood it was such a intense night. alot of people stage dive during their set and Joey & wed ask if the stage divers were ok and they were. they would play anywhere in the world but they decide to play in Hollywood for Halloween night which was awesome not only that but the whole show was such a in your face type of set. Wednesday 13 stated that this was a special show so i was thinking that maybe it was filmed for their upcoming dvd since he said same thing back at the Key Club show on 6/17/10,Check out their new record and see Murderdolls Live at Key Club,its part of their Special Edition anyways but yea Joey Jordison was everywhere during set and getting the Crowd pump up and there was pits for couple of the brutal songs.i got to sing with Joey J & Wed on I Love to Say Fuck(final song of the set). Overall it was such a great show to ended Halloween with the Murderdolls headlining and ending the night. Andrew(Metal Assault) got photos of the show and there is a video of Death Valley Superstars live. End Of the set i was offered to smoke weed with this girls but turn it down due to the fact i cant think right but fuck it. great night to witness on 10/31/10.
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People Hate Me and Grave Robbin' USA would have made this perfect..but just seeing them play this long would be fucking awesome
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Old 11-05-2010, 10:52 AM
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thats a great set got to catch them when they came to Independence,Mo with Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper great live show but set was short.
but hopefully they will do a U.S. headline tour soon
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