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Mayhem Festival -- Atlanta, GA -- July 30th, 2010

Ok this mayhem was one of the best. Almost every band was awesome.

First up was In This Moment.
i love their cd stuff and their live performance didn't disappoint

Just Drive
Beautiful Tragedy
Iron Army
The Gun Show
Daddy's Falling Angel

something that made them stand out was the circle pit around the soundbooth during the final song

Mobile Death Camp-Pass
Norma Jean-Pass
During these two bands i was standing in line for the Joey and Wednesday Meet

I was also in this line while Shadows Fall played but i did catch all their set and it was spectacular from what i heard

King of Nothing
Thoughts Without Words
Still I Rise
The Power of I and I
Bark At The Moon (Ozzy Osbourne Cover)
The Light That Blinds

When i finally meet Joey and 13 i got back in time to see Winds of plague who were decent but nothing too special going there

Chest and Horns
Decimate the Weak
Angels of Debauchery
The Impaler
One Body Too Many

Next was Chimaira
Chimaira was Amazing as usual they played great songs and the crowd went nuts

Black Heart
Pleasure In Pain
Power Trip
Secrets Of The Dead
The Dehumanizing Process
Pure Hatred

As chimaira was closing up i started feeling dehydrated and got in line to get a drink while Atreyu started
Atreyu was good with the addition of You Give Love a Bad Name and playing their live staples

Bleeding Mascara
Becoming the Bull
Gallows Play Video
Right Side of the Bed
You Give Love a Bad Name (Bon Jovi cover)
When Two Are One
Ex's And Ohs
Lip Gloss and Black

Next was Hatebreed who were spectacular again. they never fail to get shit going and have everybody singing along

Everyone Bleeds Now
In Ashes They Shall Reap
Live for This
Destroy Everything
Tear It Down
To the Threshold
Smash Your Enemies
As Diehard as They Come
I Will Be Heard

Next was 3 Inches of Blood
This band i have wanted to see for a while and finally got to enjoy their presence. they played a great show and i was glad they closed out the outside stages. another plus was the topless chick riding her boyfriends shoulders during most of the set

Battles and Brotherhood
Silent Killer
Trial of Champions
Call of the Hammer
Deadly Sinners
The Goatrider's Horde

Finally made my way inside to the main stage and Five Finger had already started playing. They had a great set up and did an awesome job. Happy to see these guys made it back to Mayhem. They said next time they were at mayhem they would be headlining.

Burn It Down
Never Enough
Drum Solo
No One Gets Left Behind
Bad Company (Bad Company Cover)
The Way of the Fist
The Bleeding

Next was the ALMIGHTY Lamb of God
They blew me away with their live performance. they played their best songs and shredded like motherfuckers. I thought there was no way it could get better than this.

The Passing
In Your Words
Set to Fail
Walk With Me In Hell
Now You've Got Something To Die For
Laid to Rest
Black Label

Well i was WRONG!!
Rob Zombie's show's was an epic masterpiece of entertainment. I took well over 100 pics of just this set. With the combination of John 5, Joey Jordison and Rob Zombie that was the best band of the night

Sawdust In The Blood
What Lurks on Channel X?
Scum of the Earth
Living Dead Girl
More Human Than Human @Cover[White Zombie]
Sick Bubble-Gum
House Of 1000 Corpses
Joey Drum Solo
Never Gonna Stop (The Red, Red Kroovy)
Mars Needs Women
Thunder Kiss '65 @Cover[White Zombie]
John 5 Guitar Solo
School's Out @Cover[Alice Cooper]

And finally the big boys of Korn. they did a great job and didnt play anything off their shit albums (SYOTOS and Untitled). they stuck with the heavy shit and One cover was amazing as well. they ended the show perfectly

Right Now
Here to Stay
Did My Time
Oildale (Leave Me Alone)
Falling Away From Me
Somebody Someone
Let the Guilt Go
Bass/Drum Solo
Freak on a Leash
Shoots and Ladders
One (Metallica Cover) (Snippet)
Got the Life

Ratings of all the Bands

In This Moment 9/10
Shadows Fall 7.5/10 (because of distance)
Winds of Plague 6/10
Chimaira 8.5/10
Atreyu 8/10 (Because of Bon Jovi Cover)
Hatebreed 9/10
Five Finger Death Punch 8/10
Lamb of God 9.5/10
Rob Zombie 10/10
Korn 9/10
5/31 Hatebreed
6/4 Holy Grail
6/12 Lacuna Coil
6/29 Slipknot
7/27 GNR
8/21 Summer Slaughter
9/4 Marduk

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Good review. I was thinking about going last night but I didn't want to pay just to see Hatebreed. Sounds like Chimaria and Shadows Fall put on a good show, though
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The Shadows Fall and 3IOB setlists suck. Why can't they just do regular tours? It always seems like those two bands, as well as Darkest Hour and a few other bands I'd like to see, hop on shitty summer tours with an extensive bill of awful bands. I want to see a real setlist inside a building, not 6 or 8 songs while I fry in the sun.
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i definitely agree that 3IOB should headline a tour and play a real club show instead of everyone dying in the sun
5/31 Hatebreed
6/4 Holy Grail
6/12 Lacuna Coil
6/29 Slipknot
7/27 GNR
8/21 Summer Slaughter
9/4 Marduk
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atreyu, chimaira, five finger death punch, hatebreed, in this moment, korn, lamb of god, mayhem festival, rob zombie, shadows fall, winds of plague

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