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Ceremony -- Greensboro, NC -- August 5th, 2010

Don't know if anyone here likes Ceremony, or hardcore/punk for that matter... but what the hell!

Vile Intent from Montreal opened the show, and they were a great replacement for Punch (they dropped off due to their singer breaking her foot). Lots of influence from Crossed Out/Man Is The Bastard. Very heavy.

Torch Runner (local band from Greensboro) were up next, and they fucking delivered -- even as a 3 piece. They stuck to the "Locust Swarm" material, but that's honestly their best material anyway. Apparently their bassist is on tour doing merch for BTBAM, which is why they were a man short that evening.

Fingers Crossed, a hardcore band from Johnson City, TN played after Torch Runner, and I just couldn't get into it. It was really mosh-oriented hardcore, and a lot of people were having fun, but it just wasn't for me.

The final local band to play was Young And In The Way. These dudes are gonna blow up, no doubt about it. They were heavy as tits, pissed off, and full of energy. Definitely my favorite band out of NC at this moment. They got a very good reaction, and people went off during "Worrier," which is probably my favorite of theirs. Check them out!

And then you have Ceremony. I can't even begin to say how absolutely insane this set was. It was amazing, hot, and one of the most memorable sets I have ever seen in my young life.

Ceremony setlist:

Throwing Bricks
I Want To Put This To An End
Dead Moon California/The Difference Between Looking and Seeing
Open Head
Back In '84
Walking Home
Mothers And Fathers
Terminal Addiction
He-god Has Favored Our Undertakings
It Rained Today Inside My Head
This Is My War
The Doldrums (Friendly City)
Pressure's On


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I would love to see Ceremony one day. They came twice to NY for this tour but I won't be able to make either shows.
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i saw em at there record release show with Paint It Black,Lack Of Interest,and Knife Fight. They put on an insane show. I had to see em cause i missed em at Circle Jerks/Municipal Waste Show. Great stuff
12/16-Excel/Despise You
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I'm probably seeing Ceremony with Bane on Thursday. Gonna be awesome.
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I was gonna go to this tour but the singer of Punch broke her foot and they canceled.
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