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Site Problem On Mobile

I just noticed this a week ago. I've got iPhone 6. Had it for 3-4 months. I've noticed if I want to tap to add picture, link or any of the other buttons above. The second I tap on any of those it completely kicks me out of Safari and takes me to homepage and I have to go back to the site. Doesn't even show me the last page I was looking at on here.

It does it regardless of wifi or LTE. I've got all updates, I've powered off. For anybody else who uses mobile to access the site, does anyone else have this problem? It's a very minor inconvenience but it'd be nice to post something other than text. The weird thing is I can use bold, italics, or underline with no problem. It's just the other buttons after those.
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Try downloading Chrome on your iphone. I find it works much better than Safari.

Also, if you log in to Chrome on all your devices (desktop & mobile) you can see all the tabs you have open on your computer on your phone and vice versa.
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