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Electric Wizard -- Philadelphia, PA -- March 31st, 2015
Apocalyptica -- London, England -- March 31st, 2015
Van Halen -- Hollywood, CA -- March 30th, 2015
At The Gates -- Vancouver, British Columbia -- March 30th, 2015
Kix -- West Springfield, VA -- March 27th, 2015

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KISS -- London, England -- March 2nd, 2010

One off show at some club, setlist cut short for no known reason yet.

Modern Day Delilah
Cold Gin
Let Me Go Rock N Roll
Say Yeah
Calling Dr. Love
Got To Choose
I Love It Loud
100,000 Years
Love Gun
Black Diamond
Rock And Roll All Nite
Detroit Rock City

original encore was

Shout It Out Loud
Lick It Up
Detroit Rock City
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I was lucky enough to get through and get tickets for this.

Believe it was Gene that cut the set. He appeared to be struggling with the heat. Just before Deuce he spoke to Paul and they started Detroit Rock City instead.

Gig lasted about 80mins and was awesome to see them in such a small venue. They had the massive Kiss logo in lights behind them and a confetti cannon during Rock And Roll All Night but obviously none of the usual arena gimmicks. This made it seem more of a band performance and Eric & Tommy had more of a prescence than usual. Paul seemed to really enjoy it, though he struggled with his voice on a couple of occassions. Gene also was on good form for most of the set but seemed to run out of steam towards the end. Can only imagine how hot it must have been in the costumes in such a small venue (for them).
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I tried to get tickets for this, but as always the ticket website couldn't cope and I wasn't lucky enough for my progress bar to reach 100% at 12:01, so didn't get in.

That whole "you're in a queue" thing was ridiculous.

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I read on Ross Halfin's webpage you couldn't breathe there!
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They just love that Alive 35 set don't they. I'm surprised to hear they wore the costumes.
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They couldn't get a couple big fans?
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Apparently it was the CO2 linked to the confetti cannons. It did appear the cannons were designed for an arena not a small venue. Was nuts when they went off, couldn't see anything but the confetti and smoke.

We were mid way and didn't have any problems breathing but supposedly it was bad on stage and on the balcony.
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