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Bruce Kulick - BK3

The latest album from former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick was released on the 2nd of February and boy is it great.

It's easily the best thing to come out of KISS camp since Carnival Of Souls and rivals the 78 albums in a battle of best solo albums. Seriously the guitar work on this alone proves what most KISS fans already know, Bruce is a GOD! The album features a bunch of guest musicians but amazingly it still has a cohesive feel to it. Track by track breakdown goes like this,

FATE - A real heavy opener that grabs you by the balls and doesn't let go. Lyric wise it's basically a middle finger towards Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. It also features lyric shout outs to Kulick's KISS days. Such as "Laser beam, War Machine" which Kulick stated was about the Hot In The Shade tour. Right now it's my early favorite

AIN'T GONNA DIE - Gene Simmons makes a vocal appearance on this track and for lack of a better term, he kicks ass. The song was written about those who criticize Gene and this is his answer. The drumming done by Brent Fitz on this track is insane! So many great fills it's awesome. A real standout track on the album that has a Revenge/Carnival Of Souls feel.

NO FRIEND OF MINE - Union fans rejoice! John Corabi has vocal duties on this track. Some real melodic acoustic guitar in the beginning and then some real heavy riffs later in the song. The chorus is catchy even though it has that grunge feel.

HAND OF THE KING - Nick Simmons sings this song, at first when I heard he was singing on the record I was skeptical because I didn't want people to think this was an episode of Family Jewels. But after hearing it I could care less, the song has a STP feel with some deep lyrics. Nick's voice is in a low key here but you can still feel the power. The riff will have your head bobbing before you know it.

I'LL SURVIVE - Bruce handles vocal duties for the second time on the record with a song about how he got shot back in 2003. After first listens of the tune, I wasn't crazy about it but it grew on me. I love the solo here.

DIRTY GIRL - Doug Fieger of the Knack sings this song, again a song I wasn't crazy about on first listen. But overtime it's really grabbed me. This song could easily go number 1, very pop rock with a very catchy chorus.

FINAL MILE - The only weak spot in my opinion, but you might like it. Another Kulick lead vocal that is very nice.

I'M THE ANIMAL - Features Eric Singer and Tobias Sammet, Holy hell what a song, Tobias has a great voice (Avantasia fans already know this) One hell of a riff along with superb drumming by Eric. A 5 star song indeed.

AND I KNOW - Bruce's strongest vocal to date, could be a hit. Very hooky and clean. Cool riffs and this song has my favorite Kulick solo on the record. This song challenges Fate for my favorite song on the record.

BETWEEN THE LINES - Steve Lukather is the guest guitarist on this one, extremely bluesy and a very good instrumental. Hard to put into words how good the guitar is on this jam. 10/10

LIFE - Very George Harrison type song, the outro is amazing!!!! A perfect end to a perfect record.

For those who don't have it....go out and buy the damn thing!!!!
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Just typing this here because I don't like noob under my name....
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Listen to Ain't Gonna Die here....


Hand Of The King here


And I Know here


No Friend Of Mine here


The album is at all Best Buy stores or can be purchased on itunes.
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It's not bad. Definitely Bruce's best so far.

I really thought Gene was poor though. It sounded like he didn't care (which he probably didn't) and was just going through the motions.

Sammet and Corabi rule the vocal roost (I'm An Animal is incredibly good), and all of the instrumentation is great (especially Between The Lines, just wow), but I just can't get on with Bruce's vocals. The only song he's ever sung that I like him on is <em>I Walk Alone</em>.

The less said about Dirty Girl the better. Christ what a horrible song.


Frankly though, stop fucking around and make a damn Union record.

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