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Ed Kowalczyk -- Uncasville, CT -- November 29, 2015
Pearl Jam -- Mexico City, Mexico -- November 28th, 2015
August Burns Red-- Worcester, MA-- November 28th, 2015
After The Burial -- Pontiac, MI -- November 24th, 2015
Machine Head -- Grand Rapids, MI -- November 20th, 2015

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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
12. Evergrey
20. Redemption
21. King's X
Well hello there, friend.
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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
3. Devin Townsend/Strapping Young Lad
Oh, come on, you can't do that. THATS NOT FAIR.
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1. Dream Theater
3. Iron Maiden
4. Pantera
5. Pink Floyd
6. Killswitch Engage
7. Opeth
8. All That Remains
9. Pain of Salvation
10. Mutiny Within
11. Rush
12. Ozzy
13. Meshuggah
14. Disturbed
15. Kamelot
16. Lamb of God
17. Metallica

All I can put if this is strictly metal.
DT - Boston 3/25/2014
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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
Well hello there, friend.
Hey there, how's it going

*Just noticed this now, sorry for the late replay. *

3 amazing bands right there!

Originally Posted by idrinkwine732 View Post
Oh, come on, you can't do that. THATS NOT FAIR.
Well I am a Hevy Devy Fan, I can't separate SYL from his solo stuff,. it's still Dev.
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1 Iron Maiden
2 Black Sabbath
3 Dio
4 Ozzy Osbourne
5 Helloween
6 Black Label Society
7 Dream Theater
8 Metallica
9 Megadeth
10 Angra
11 Shadows Fall
12 Pantera
13 Anthrax
14 Slayer
15 Judas Priest
16 AC/DC
17 Queensryche
18 Stryper
19 Yngwie Malmsteen
20 Exodus
21 Kreator
22 Soulfly
23 Sepultura
24 Cavalera Conspiracy
25 Testament
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this is gonna be very hard, everything after 10 changes places a lot. it really depends if i'm in the mood for them at the moment.

1. Korn (has been for 9 years now, NEVER gonna change)
2. Children of Bodom
3. Static-X
4. Symphony X
5. Kalmah
6. In Flames
7. Black Dahlia Murder
8. Protest The Hero
9. Unearth
10. Darkest Hour
11. Wintersun
12. At The Gates
13. As I Lay Dying
14. Soilwork
15. Trivium
16. Dark Tranquillity
17. Blind Guardian
18. Killswitch Engage
19. Suicide Silence
20. Into Eternity
21. Lamb of God
22. Arch Enemy
23. The Haunted
24. DevilDriver
25. Machine Head
1.19 Nightwish
2.4 August Burns Red
2.13 Bodom
2.17 Machine Head
2.18 Symphony X

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Quite a challenge here goes:

Blind Guardian
Corrosion of Conformity
High on Fire
Black Sabbath
Pink Floyd
The Clash
Iron Maiden
Dream Theater
Mercyful Fate/King Diamond
Napalm Death
In Flames
Saint Vitus
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alright ill keep this metal

1.D.R.I.(hardcore and crossover)
3.Anal Cunt
5.Municipal Waste
7.Iron Maiden(Dianno/Dickenson)
11.Napalm Death
14.Judas Priest
18.Black Sabbath/Dio
19.Stormtroopers Of Death
20.Cryptic Slaughter
21.Toxic Holocaust
22.Brutal Truth
24.Bonded By Blood
25.System Of A down

that was hard as fuck
12/3-Lil B
12/10-Agnostic Front?
12/18-Code Orange?
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since this seems to of been brought back from the dead, I'll give it a shot. The bottom 10 or so can change at any time. The order of bands 4-15 change depending on my mood. The only thing that stays is 1-3.

The best:
1a. TOOL
1b. Metallica
3. Machine Head
4. Lamb of God
5. All Shall Perish
6. Chimiara
7. DevilDriver
8. Trivium
9. Rob Zombie / White Zombie
10. Pantera
11. Fear Factory
12 . Hatebreed
13. Amon Amarth
14. In Flames
15. Throwdown
16. Rammstein
17. Lazarus A.D.
18. This Ending
19. Lay Down Rotten
20. All That Remains
21. As I Lay Dying
22. God Forbid
23. Shadows Fall
24. Soulfly
25. Soilwork
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This isn't directed towards anyone, but how do you justify having certain bands on there when they've only released one or two albums?
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