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Old 11-04-2013, 01:33 AM
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Impaled - The Dead Still Dead Remain

Since the album's a re-recording, I didn't know if it belonged in the 2013 thread or not. It's interesting comparing the new album to The Dead Shall Dead Remain. The original is way faster and the guitars are in B, whereas the re-recording is in D. Some songs sound a little weird tuned up, but others sound a million times better with the new tuning. A lot of the riffs are actually discernible now haha. Also the guitar solos are fricken incredible on this album, Jason's solos especially are beyond awesome. He and Sean do an amazing duel on Spirits of the Dead, which might be Impaled's best song ever now that the re-recording is here. Back to the Grave and Bloodbath sound super sick tuned up as well, and Trocar's main riff sounds neat as fuck now.

Leon has this crazy ghosty-growl thing going on that sounds really fricken cool, and Sean's doing more of a death growl as opposed to the rough shout he usually does. Overall, after writing fifteen fricken pages on this thing, I'm pretty happy wih how it turned out to be. The new Spirits of the Dead alone is worth the twelve bucks the albums costs. Anyway, thoughts guys? I do recall there being an Impaled fan or two on here.
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