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Old 12-18-2010, 09:39 AM
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The Best Re-Issue of 2010

When I knew I was going to see Rob Zombie at Mayhem this year I finally broke down and picked up his new cd. Honestly it started off better than I would have thought and once Mars Needs Women kicked in I was actually excited to hear the entire cd then see them live. Unfortunately the rest of the cd was hit or miss and as it stood recently it might make my Top 35 I thought.

I had no idea in September Zombie re-issued the cd with extra tracks and modifications to some songs. I finally got to check out the new version and was really impressed. There is a new opening track, the annoying intro to Mars Needs Women is it's own track, they made The Man Who Laughs better and added 2 other really cool tracks. Actually Everything is Boring is one of the best songs on the cd now and Michael has a 1000 Corpses vibe to it that I really like.

So my hat goes off to Rob Zombie who drastically improved a mediocre cd and made it Top 25 for me. Here is the updated tracklisting:

1. "Devil's Hole Girls and the Big Revolution" 4:07
2. "Jesus Frankenstein" 5:19
3. "Sick Bubblegum" 3:42
4. "What?" 2:46
5. "Theme for an Angry Red Planet" 1:32
6. "Mars Needs Women" (without intro) 3:24
7. "Werewolf, Baby" 3:57
8. "Everything Is Boring" 3:32
9. "Virgin Witch" 3:37
10. "Death and Destiny Inside the Dream Factory" 2:16
11. "Burn" 2:58
12. "Cease to Exist" 3:36
13. "Werewolf Women of the SS" 2:59
14. "Michael" 3:27
15. "The Man Who Laughs" (new version) 7:27

I really enjoyed some other re-issues and bonus tracks added to cd's but this is the one that actually made the biggest improvement to the original cd for me.
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