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Old 11-07-2009, 08:18 AM
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Trivium -- Worcester, MA -- November 6th, 2009

What a fucking awesome show. All the bands were incredible. I'm wiped out from moshing, headbanging, and singing. Me and four other friends got in the small line at about 6:15, doors were at 7. The line got pretty big, there was a decent sized crowd at The Palladium last night. We got in, I bought a sick white Whitechapel shirt then worked my way down to the small floor, waiting for Dirge Within to start. I talked to a lot of cool people before Dirge started, and in general everyone was cool at this show, save for a few dickheads.

Dirge Within: 8/10
Dirge Within opened up the show at 8:00 and played right up until 8:30. For anyone who went to this show, my group of friends and I started the first pit right when the music kicked in. They got some pretty sick pits, even though a lot of it was filled with hardcore dancers at times. They played an awesome set and got the crowd going. I met their vocalist at their merch table after Whitechapel's set and told them they kicked ass and will be huge one day. He was a really cool guy. So the show started off great with an awesome new band opening it. I'm pretty sure this is their set, the middle songs might be out of order though. Forever the Martyr was the highlight of their set.

Self Medicate
Force Fed Lies
As I Walk
Saint of Humanity
Forever the Martyr

Whitechapel: 9.5/10
Up next was the reason why I came. Whitechapel. They didn't disappoint, their set was fucking awesome. They played from 8:45 - 9:15 and sadly had to cut their set a few songs from the first leg, and they also changed up the order. Vincent from The Acacia Strain was backstage before their set and I screamed his name and he just looked at me and shook his head as if he wasn't important. He got on stage with them as Exalt started and said "I'm Vincent from The Acacia Strain and I hate all of you. Wake up!" Then he did a random death growl and got off stage. Whitechapel's sound was spot on, the pits were great and the crowd was nuts, although there were songs where there wasn't any movement at all in the pit. I was up close for them but was getting crushed so I moved to the back and went nuts, screaming every word, headbanging, and moshing. I was so glad to finally see them after their bus broke down before my date of the Mayhem Fest. They didn't disappoint and were easily the best band of the night for me. I'm a big fan of theirs, so here's their set, 100% correct and in order. Vicer Exciser was the highlight of their perfect, but short set.

Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiation
Eternal Refuge
Vicer Exciser
Father of Lies
This Is Exile (with wall of death)

Chimaira: 8.5/10
Awesome show. The crowd was off the hook for them, huge pits everywhere. Everyone was into them and they were really great live. Not much else to say about them, I really enjoyed their kickass set. Here's their set from the best of my memory, some songs are probably out of order, and I'm almost positive this was all the songs they played, although there may have been another new one that I'm not familiar with. They played from about 9:30 - 10:15. Resurrection was the highlight of their set.

The Venom Inside
Power Trip
The Disappearing Sun
Nothing Remains
Pure Hatred

Trivium: 8/10
The last band of the night was the headliner, Trivium. They played from 10:30- 12:00, and they kicked ass. They weren't as good as Whitechapel or Chimaira, but they were still great. Trivium is truly one of those bands where it's impossible not to have fun during their set. Crowd surfers were everywhere, the pits were huge, and it was a great time. I was on the left side of the floor for their set, and during Pull Harder me and my friends opened the pit up over there even more. Moshing to them was really fun, and they just all around played a great set. No sound problems at all, Matt and Corey's vocals sounded excellent as well. Here's their complete set, their were some songs they didn't play that I was really hoping to hear, but no real complaints for me. Throes of Perdition, Down From the Sky, and Pull Harder were the highlights of their set for me.

Drowned and Torn Asunder
When All Light Dies
Into the Mouth of Hell We March
Down From the Sky
Like Light to the Flies
Pillars of Serpents
To the Rats
Throes of Perdition
A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation
Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr

After the show, everyone in the pit was hugging each other and giving high fives. Shows like this remind me why I love metal, everyone is cool with each other, and it shows that metal truly is a brotherhood. Awesome show, definitely one of the best I've ever been to. All of the bands put on incredible shows, and I had a really great time.
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Old 11-07-2009, 09:52 AM
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Im not a fan of Whitechapel, but it is definitely cool that you saw one of your favorite bands dude, I know what its like to have to wait for ages to see your favorite bands

Glad you had fun
Yesterday don't mean SHIT.
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Great review man. I've seen all the bands before. I saw Dirge at Mayhem in Chicago. They were amazing. I saw White Chapel at Mayhem but only heard them from far away, seemed pretty good, don't listen to them though. I saw Trivium twice, awesome both times. Saw Chimaira at the house of blues in Chicago, they were GREAT live. The Dirge Singer does seem like a cool guy
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chimaira, dirge within, trivium, whitechapel

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