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After The Burial -- Pontiac, MI -- November 24th, 2015
Machine Head -- Grand Rapids, MI -- November 20th, 2015
Blind Guardian -- Atlanta, GA -- November 27th, 2015
Ondskapt -- Brooklyn, NY -- November 27th, 2015
Lita Ford -- Uncasville, CT -- November 27th, 2015

Old 11-10-2009, 12:28 AM
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GWAR -- Tulsa, OK -- November 9th, 2009

Setlist wise everything was the same that has already been posted but just wanted to make a few interesting comments from the show tonight.

The Red Chord
First off I was quite pissed that The Red Chord were stuck opening for the deathcore machine that is JFAC. There is no way that is fair or justified at all. Crowd was fairly dead for TRC for the most part. A few of the new songs are very good live. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure "Fused Together In Revolving Doors" was completely ignored getting everything showcased post-Clients. Not having "Dreaming In Dog Years" just seems wrong. I even decided to get into the wall of death for "Antman", good times!!!

Job For A Cowboy
This is really my main reason for even reporting on this show. I'm not huge on deathcore, I can normally take these guys in small doses. 2nd time seeing them now in 3 days. I will say they have grown on me slightly. It seems like the 1st few songs really smoke, the last few songs smoke, and everything in the middle really starts dragging. And I've decided that "Knee Deep" is a damn fine song which I really wasn't that aware of before. Anyway, this is where it got fun. Some d bag on right side of the stage threw a beer @ Jonny in the middle of a song. Shit got a little intense after that. Jonny got royally pissed and took literally every bottle on stage that wasn't glass and was throwing them @ whomever threw the beer. He wasn't just tossing them I mean he was putting everything he could into the throws. It got kind of uncomfortable after a bit. He threw literally 12 bottles in about a minute time, almost thought he was gonna go Axl Rose on somebody. I mean kinda funny but there is still no need for people to throw shit on the stage while somebody is trying to perform. I know JFAC aren't exactly loved but it's not like Brokencyde or Hollywood Undead or something. I don't think the person was caught but they should have been gone. No need for crap like that. The only bands I've wanted to throw shit @ was Shinedown & Emmure. Maybe others but at 2:18 AM I can't remember them all. Anyway same set that drug on maybe a bit too long but still I don't hate them like I used to.

Yet again all I can say is wow. The 1 crappy thing is the Behind The Murder video they have been showing (Which is hilarious btw) was setup on the left side of the stage as opposed to behind the stage where everyone can see it. I still could see it but kinda crappy for people on the other side. Not sure why GWAR is killing less celeberties nowadays. Again we got the MJ & Obama kills. For the most part a great set, "Let Us Slay" might be best song GWAR has done in the last few albums IMO. Got absolutely drenched, almost had contact knocked out a couple of times and wouldn't trade it for anything I'm very proud b/c I took 1 GWAR virgin Saturday night & then took 4 more GWAR virgins as well tonight I feel like I have done my justice for mankind now. Also FYI for people who are seeing GWAR on this tour, not sure if this is every city they play but for only $20 you can get Tour Program and get to meet GWAR. For anyone interested. And shirts are only $20!!!!
10/7 - Run The Jewels
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I should have gone to this.
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gwar, job for a cowboy, the red chord

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