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Old 09-19-2009, 09:09 PM
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Chris Caffery -- Queens, NY -- September 19th, 2009

Again, I'll get to posting a proper review later. Note: This was a semi-unplugged show. Most of the songs featured full band electric guitars, but everything was toned down.

Set list:
01.Christmas Eve/Sarajevo (2-guitar improv arrangement)
02.Music Man (Me on guest keyboards)
03.life, Crazy life
04.Bag of Bones
05.-new song- (so new it's neither finished nor named)
06.Bridges (Doctor Butcher)
07.China Grove (Doobie Brothers cover) (Brian Gregory on vocals)
08.Can't Get Enough (Bad Company cover) (Mark Sly on vocals)
09.Summer's Rain (Savatage) (me on guest keyboards)
10.Believe (Savatage) (me on guest keyboards)
11.Edge of Thorns (Savatage) (me on guest keyboards)
12.Seasons Change
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Old 09-20-2009, 03:11 PM
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Alright, so here's my thoughts:
I attended this exact event last year. It was a semi-acoustic show in an auditorium at the Flushing Queens public library. I never would have imagined last year that I'd be playing with Chris this year. The show at Dingbatz went so well on Friday night, the guys asked me to play this show with them as well.
I barely made it to the venue on time thanks to fucking traffic, but I made it in time to do a soundcheck with the guys and then relax a little bit in the actual backstage area/dressing room they had for us, including some light catering. It was pretty sweet. The show started early at 6:30, with the other four guys heading out first, then segueing into Chris's "Music Man", which I played keys on. Considering I was basically just half-assing it from knowing the chord structures, it went really well. After that I went backstage again for a few more songs, which really warmed the crowd up. When I came back out to do the Savatage tunes, the crowd was fantastic. It helps that I played on the songs the people most wanted to hear. All 3 songs went really well in both technicality and audience reception. As it was the night before, "Edge of Thorns" was a blast, with Brian Gregory (bass) coming back to rock out with me during the solo section. The crowd was actually incredibly receptive of me, I couldn't believe it. I got a lot of comments after the show about how they thought I really did the Savatage songs justice, which is a huge honor for me. The guys really enjoyed the show and said they looked forward to playing again with me in the future, so who knows what time may hold. All in all, it was a blast to experience two days' worth of feeling like a real musician playing with other real musicians, and not just jamming with my friends in my own band. This was a great experience, especially considering Chris served a good bit of time in my 2nd favorite band of all-time.
Pictures (not that great):

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chris caffery

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