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Creed -- Cincinatti, OH -- August 28th, 2009

\Creed –cincinatti OH – August 28, 2009
Riverbend music Center
We got to the show early, where'd it rained before we got there so the lawn was utterly soaked and rather a mud hole.
We heard like a storm first, they're a band out of New Zealand and they weren't bad, the highlight of their set being man in a box, an Alice in Chains cover. The cover was great, but the band got a little on your nerves cause they thanked the crowd/asked us how we were at least 3 times per song. And telling the audiance they were great when they weren't doing shit... but to be honest they weren't bad and I was even going to go buy their tour cd just cause it was $5, but decided it wasn't worth moving.

Hoobastank (sp) was up next, and.... they did stink. Some people really like these guys, I stil don't get it. I didn't get it when the reason came out, I still don't get it to this day. I almost feel that they asked these guys to tour with them cause they couldn't get anyone better. Just saying.

ffinally at about 9:30, 2 hours after the start of the show, Creed came on. I've never been an enormous creed fan. I felt that every single hit was played into the ground, at least by radio stations around me. Yet, I did like their music and heard they were good live so decided to go. I'm really glad I went. It was an awsome show, the pyro and lights were awsome, and the band and crowd had a ton of energy. My only problem was for some reason they cut off half the first verse to my own prison which pissed me off as it has always been one of my favorite songs of theirs
I thought the band played very well together, very tight. Scott Stap's vocals were almost perfect, and of course as always Mark Trimonti's guitar playing was amazing. I liked that in certain songs they added guitar solos that were not in the original recordings.
I also like that we got a slightly mixed up set than some other dates, no song changes, although one additional song, but the order was different, which I thought was good. I felt from the beginning that bullets would be a stronger opener than Ode, which they opened some of the earlier dates with.
the set was...

Say I
My own prison
What if
Are you ready
What’s this life for
Never die
Faceless man
With arms wide open
My sacrifice
One last breath

I thought it was funny that so many people left before the encore. This astonishes me each and every time I go to a concert. I want to ask some of them, "You have heard of an Encore, right?" I guess they could be trying to beat the crowd, but most bands put some of their biggest hits in their Encore, so leaving early seems silly to me. But anyway.

Overall a good show, that improved greatly when Creed took the stage, they certainly didn't disappoint, and I would highly recommend the show for anyone who was really into them and never got to see them before they split.
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9/21: Uproar Festival

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