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CJ Ramone -- West Hollywood, CA -- July 17th, 2009

Whisky A Go Go

Was really looking forward to this one. Major Ramones fan and about the only show taking place outside of a cemetary I could get into. Don't think I would ever go see a Marky Ramone show again.

Totally mismatched random lineup with bands that really had no similarities whatsoever. This was my first time in the Whisky since Jan 2000 to give you an idea how far the place has sunk! Since then they have put booths against the back wall and more tables against the wall upstairs. Back in the day I used to sit against either of the back walls with my head into legs and hands over my ears but there were no good spots to do that now. After they allowing outs I would go to Tower. I will keep that in mind the next time someone I want to see is booked with loads of shitty bands.

First band I saw really sucked. Covers were The Killers Somebody Told Me (I actually had to google the lyrics because I had no idea who did that song and was never curious til now) and an awful version of Roadhouse Blues. Only saw 20 minutes of them though it felt like longer.

I was kinda ready to hate the next band only because they loaded up the stage with their own backlights and 4 banners one of which I accidentally misread as "Jackyl." It ended up being Jeckyl so it could only get better from there. They were a full on metal band with the wailing singer and the twin guitar attack. They spoke with Irish accents and early on they did a decent version of Thin Lizzy's Emerald. They actually weren't bad and could get into them if I were expecting a metal band. But to end things they pulled out a cover of Therapy?'s Screamager which pretty much blew me away because they are one of my favorite bands and it wasn't the sort of thing I was expecting to hear. And at least they weren't Jackyl.

Place was semi full but not crowded. I think the lineup might have been laziness on the part of the promoter. I can't believe that whoever put this show on couldn't find some young punk band with parents to front them money for presale tickets to sell to their friends who all bought Ramones shirts at Hot Topic. People who wouldn't immedietly empty the place out when their band is off. See it at the Key Club all the time. The only people there under 30 were some teens with a dad and dad totally lost it during Endless Vacation.

Thankfully CJ went on at about 11:00 with 2 more bands I don't want to see going on afterward. Decent set of Ramones songs and as hoped a few obscure ones that rarely made it into Ramones setlists. Daniel Rey sang some back ups and lead on 2 songs. Only a few songs sounded anything like the CJ era Ramones. My Back Pages was close but had a guitar solo as did a few other songs. It seemed too short. I always liked the CJ era. I would have been just as happy if it was just songs from the 3 albums he played on and maybe a few Los Gusanos and Bad Chopper songs but that's not what sells tickets. Would have preferred a few more of the songs he sings in the set like Main Man and The Crusher. Great bass sound but the set also seemed a bit like punching the clock. Would definitely go again though.

01. Blitzkrieg Bop
02. Judy Is A Punk
03. Beat On The Brat
04. Cretin Hop
05. I'm Against It
06. Endless Vacation (Nick Oliveri lead vox)
07. Sitting In My Room
("Always wanted to do this with the Ramones, don't know why they wouldn't do it, probably too many guitars")
08. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
09. It's A Long Way Back
10. Poison Heart (Daniel Rey lead vox)
11. My Back Pages
12. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
13. Strength To Endure
14. Wart Hog
15. Ramones (Motorhead cover)
16. I Wanna Be Sedated
17. Swallow My Pride
18. Pinhead
(this was supposed to be the encore, "give us a cheer and we'll play the rest of the set")
19. Pet Semetary (Daniel Rey lead vox)
20. Commando
21. Teenage Lobotomy

CJ Ramone - bass, vocals
Daniel Rey - guitar, vocals
Brian Costanza - guitar
Brant Bjork - drums
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