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Chelsea Wolfe -- Cleveland, OH -- September 2nd, 2015
Deiphago -- Los Angeles, CA -- September 1st, 2015
Old Man Gloom -- Portsmouth, NH -- September 2nd, 2015
Motley Crue -- Atlanta, GA -- August 30th, 2015
Kid Rock -- Mountain View, CA -- August 30th, 2015

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ProgPower USA X: line up changes

Source: http://progpowerusa.com/site/

Basically, in short:
-Pagans Mind are off of the Thursday show, which was supposed to be an acoustic gig with Circus Maximus. Now Circus Maximus will be playing a special set including cover songs and original tunes they will NOT be playing on Saturday.
-Andre Matos, Vanden Plas, Power Quest, and Tomorrow's Eve all had their visas denied, so the four of them are all off the festival. Replacing Andre Matos as Friday's headliner will be Crimson Glory, performing a tribute set in memory of John "Midnight" McDonald. Tomorrow's Eve's replacement will be Brazil's Mindflow, and replacing Power Quest will be Cage. To my knowledge a replacement for Vanden Plas for Wednesday has yet to be announced.
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Great opportunity for Cage, I'm glad they could get this spot. Also they're gonna be doing an East Coast tour as well, I'd love to see them again.
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