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Old 11-01-2005, 07:25 AM
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Opeth -- Philadelphia, PA -- October 31st, 2005

I'm not going to write a real report or anything, but it was a pretty good show. I was there for Nevermore, and they had a decent set. Mostly songs from their new album, about which I can't complain, but I would've liked to hear some older stuff. Farthest back they went was Dead Heart in a Dead World with the obvious choice The River Dragon Has Come.

Opeth...was Opeth. They put on a good show, but I was pretty indifferent about seeing them again. The audience was fucking retarded. It was made up mostly of kiddies, be they emo or mall or just fucking geeks, or whatever. But man they love their Blopeth.

Oh yeah and it's worth mentioning that we left for Philly without tickets, knowing full well that the show was sold out. We are just that fucking metal. Actually we found somebody who needed to get rid of tickets as soon as we got there.

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