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After The Burial -- Pontiac, MI -- November 24th, 2015
Machine Head -- Grand Rapids, MI -- November 20th, 2015
Blind Guardian -- Atlanta, GA -- November 27th, 2015
Ondskapt -- Brooklyn, NY -- November 27th, 2015
Lita Ford -- Uncasville, CT -- November 27th, 2015

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One -- Denver, CO -- May 23rd, 2014

Tonight was tribute band night for me, and as stated in the upcoming shows thread, here were the bands represented:

-Public Display of Aggression (Mudvayne)
-Hallowed Screams (Slayer)
-One (Metallica)

Held at a somewhat shitty bar, a good amount of people showed up, 50-70ish as the local Metallica Fan Club Chapter was there to support One.

Starting off the night was PDA; now when you make a tribute band I understand you can't replacate everything about the band you are covering but the best ones get close; the band members were quite good and everyone had some form of Mudvayne's make-up from their early days on; however the vocalist was very.......MEH....One thing about Mudvayne was the singer was good at screams growls and groans but our tribute vocalist was not up to the task. Because I haven't listened to Mudvayne in over 8 years, all I can remember knowing song wise was Dig and Death Blooms; I know they might have done a original song (Le Gasp!). They played about 30-40 minutes. Overall would have been better if the vocalist wasn't so plain; 5/10

Next was a local and very new Slayer Tribute band, Hallowed Screams. My understanding was that tonight was only their 2nd gig ever, which if true is very impressive considering how good they were. They got off to a rocky start with the singer forgetting vocals for the first couple songs but got in gear afterwards. The band was quite good I stood on "Jeff"'s side and they picked up people who know how to play the songs. The only letdown was that they got less time than PDA, which is bullshit

1. Hell Awaits (intro only)
2. Postmortem
3. Dead Skin Mask
4. Skeletons of Society
5. Spill the Blood
6. Raining Blood
7. Black Magic
8. South of Heaven
9. Angel of Death

I hope these guys can grow because they are good for only 2 shows in and with some fine tuning can be a great headlining band. 8/10

So there are I'm sure hundreds of Metallica tribute bands out there, claiming to be the best. The main reason I wanted see One was that the real Metallica won't be touring North America for at least a year and I figured why not see a cheaper knockoff for a lot less $$. Well One has been around for awhile and I feel like they can make the claim that they are one of the best tributes; they go all out with looks, equipment and knowing the songs in and out. Tonight was the closest I have ever been to a stage, I was about 5 feet away from "Kirk". The band blew us a way, they know the songs and have the Metallica attitude down pat, "James" is almost the real James in stage presence, voice and playing (he is left handed which makes it kinda cool) Both he and "Kirk" got within touching distance of us and we were respectful enough not to try and touch their guitars. They played for almost 2 hours which is very nice

1. Hit the Lights
2. Creeping Death
3. The Four Horsemen
4. Wherever I May Roam
5. For Whom The Bell Tolls
6. Fade to Black
7. ...And Justice for All
8. Ride the Lightning
9. Sad But True
10. Orion
11. The Wait
12. Master of Puppets
13. Blitzkrieg
14. King Nothing
15. One
16. So What!
17. Enter Sandman
18. Seek and Destroy


I know it is just a tribute band but I had a hell a lot of fun, and got my Metallica fix. If One comes by your town, go check them out they are a good replacement for the real deal.

I'll post my crappy cellphone photos and I managed to grab the setlist (a first for me) here in a bit
02/23/16-Black Sabbath
04/13/16-Iron Maiden
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02/23/16-Black Sabbath
04/13/16-Iron Maiden
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hallowed screams, one (band)

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