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Mastodon -- Newcastle, England -- November 25th, 2014
Exodus -- West Springfield, VA -- November 25th, 2014
Bob Seger -- Saginaw, MI -- November 19th, 2014
Ace Frehley -- Uncasville, CT -- November 21st, 2014
Nuclear War Now! Fest IV -- Berlin, Germany -- November 7-8th, 2014

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Old 05-16-2014, 10:22 PM
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Paganfest America 2014 -- Kansas City, MO -- May 16th, 2014


1. Ten More Miles
2. Take The Day!
3. To Holmgard And Beyond
4. For Your Own Good
5. Greek Fire
6. One More
7. Battle Metal
8. No Good Story Ever Starts With Drinking Tea
9. We Ride Together
10. Stand Up And Fight
11. Rasputin


1. Oceanquake
2. Supreme Pain for the Tyrant
3. Next Republic
4. Sail Into Sunset's Fire
5. Defenders of the Bu-Tik Palace
6. Takao


1. Wir Sind Die Wolfe
2. Schwertzeit
3. Nagelfar
4. Was Nicht Darf
5. Guten Tag
6. Rotkappchen

I am really sick today but I decided to tough it out because I really wanted to see ChthoniC and I've never seen Turisas or Varg, but I couldn't handle it after Turisas was done.

ChthoniC was amazing but they only had one guitar. I'm pretty sure the last time I saw them they had another guitarist and a keyboardist. They, and most of the other bands, piped in keys (and in Varg's case, bass) through the PA. Didn't really matter though. Doris Yeh mai waifu

Turisas was fun, better than I thought they'd be especially considering how much I don't really like their newer stuff. Battle Metal and To Holmgard And Beyond was great. Rasputin was goofy fun, of course.

Surprise of the night was how good Varg was. Very, very heavy and a whole lot of fun. Like I said before, it seemed like they only had two guitarists and piped in bass over the PA. But I thought they were great. Definitely going to check them out more.

Winterhymn was a good opener. Took a while to get the crowd into them, and I wish the violin played a bit more of a role, but by the end of their set, the crowd was chanting along with them.

Fun night overall. I've seen Korpiklaani before so I'm not too torn up over missing them.

I will do a full review tomorrow.

Turisas: 8/10
ChthoniC: 9/10
Varg: 8.5/10
Winterhymn: 7.5/10
12/07 - Exodus
12/08 - Blackalicious
12/11 - Saves The Day
12/16 - Pallbearer
12/18 - Orange Goblin OR Wolvhammer
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