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Old 03-30-2014, 11:46 AM
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Aborted -- West Springfield, VA -- March 27th, 2014

Full review

First stop on the 2014 tour apparently?! but the other shows in the area (king Parrot, The OCean) may have, combined with it being a thursday night, taken away some of the crowd. We had a whopping 40 or so people.

I think some spots are missing, please feel free to let me know- as I am ... a new Aborted fan.

Hydra Kyll were alright, I think this is the first time I would be recommending LESS clean vocals. They had a good groove

Pyrexia had some hardcore mixed in with their Death Metal. They were decent, but I couldn't really get into their set

Aborted were pretty good- very heavy and energetic. I enjoyed the music, hated the vox (as expected), but they weren't unexpected and didn't really distract from the performance.


Hydra Kyll (6:58-7:21)

  • ?
  • Rotting Roots
  • Synaptic Failure
  • ?

Pyrexia (7:46- 8:22)
  • ?
  • Shackles of the Mind
  • Cocoon of Shame
  • Death Wish
  • Bludgeoned by Deformity
  • Panzer Tank Lobotomy
  • Thy Minion
  • Cryptic Summoning
  • Sermon of Mockery

The Aborted (8:41-9:35) (some guy updated my setlist.fm, so that was cool- I initially had to make do with my notes n stuff)
  • Intro
  • Coronary Reconstruction
  • Meticulous Invagination (w/ Steve Miller from System Divide)
  • ?
  • Your Entitlement Means nothing
  • Necrotic Manifesto
  • Fecal Forgery
  • ? (up your mud hole?)
  • The Origin of Disease
  • Sanguine Verses (I think)
  • The Saw and the Carnage Done
  • From a Tepid Whiff
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