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Ghost -- St. Louis, MO -- October 6, 2015
Annihilator -- London, England -- October 4th, 2015
Kylesa -- St. Petersburg, FL -- October 6, 2015
Junkyard -- West Hollywood, CA -- October 3, 2015
Norma Jean -- Detroit, MI -- October 5th, 2015

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This is a "by request" setlist I would've loved to hear:
  1. Batttery
  2. Master of pupperts
  3. Creeping death
  4. Ride the lightning
  5. New song (which is what they are going to play anyway)
  6. The four horsemen
  7. One
  8. To live is to die
  9. The house that Jack built
  10. Fade to black
  11. ...and justice for all
  12. Damage inc.
  13. The unforgiven II
  14. Wherever I may roam
  15. Welcome home (sanitarium)
  16. King Nothing
  17. Frantic

  18. Jump in the fire
  19. Enter sandman
  20. Seek & destroy
Come together...together as one... for Lucifer's son...

08/12: Ghost

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Two Justice era setlists I made on my Spotify account


-For Whom The Bell Tolls
-Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
-The Four Horsemen
-Leper Messiah
-Harvester of Sorrow
-Eye of the Beholder
-The Thing That Should Not Be
-Master of Puppets
-Fade to Black
-Seek and Destroy
-...And Justice For All
-Creeping Death


-Creeping Death
-Harvester of Sorrow
-Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
-No Remorse
-The Shortest Straw
-For Whom The Bell Tolls
-Disposable Heroes
-Seek and Destroy
-Ride the Lightning
-Fade to Black
-Master of Puppets
-Dyers Eve
-Fight Fire with Fire
-Damage, Inc.
10/29-King Diamond/Exodus
11/7-Machine Head
11/11-Blind Guardian
11/21-Trans-Siberian Orchestra
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1. Whiplash
2. Disposable Heroes
3. The Judas Kiss
4. Through The Never
5. Trapped Under Ice
6. Welcome Home(Sanitarium)
7. The Shortest Straw
8. Fight Fire With Fire
9. The House Jack Built
10. The Unforgiven
11. The Unforgiven II
12. The Unforgiven III
13. Frantic
14. Where The Wild Things Are
15. The Small Hours
16. Hero Of The Day
17. One
18. Fade To Black

Encore I:
19. Suicide & Redemption
20. Rebel Of Babylon
21. Eye Of The Beholder
22. Of Wolf And Man

Encore II:
23. The Four Horsemen
24. Creeping Death
25. ...And Justice For All
26. Master Of Puppets

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Marion Cotillard is my muse
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Come together...together as one... for Lucifer's son...

08/12: Ghost
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1. Metal Militia
2. Master of Puppets
3. Dyers Eve
4. Astronomy (BOC cover)
5. The Memory Remains
6. Blackened
7. Creeping Death
8. Through The Never
9. Jump In the Fire
10. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
11. Disposable Heroes
12. Leper Messiah
13. Ride the Lightning
14. King Nothing
15. Phantom Lord
16. One

17. The Frayed Ends of Sanity
18. Hit The Lights
19. Unforgiven ll
20. Fight Fire With Fire

Encore 2:
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Creeping Death
No Remorse
Disposable Heroes
...And Justice For All
Wherever I May Roam
Fade To Black
Phantom Lord
Leper Messiah
Fight Fire With Fire
Broken, Beat, and Scarred
The Frayed Ends Of Sanity
The God That Failed
Load/Reload Medley (Better Than You/The House Jack Built/Attitude/Ronnie/Fuel)
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Master Of Puppets
Enter Sandman
Hit The Lights

Just kind of thrown together. I think I did a decent job.
10/17 - Overkill
10/18 - Razor, Blood Feast
10/20 - Soilwork, Decapitated
11/3 - Blind Guardian, Grave Digger
11/5 - Judas Priest, Mastodon
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