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Eyehategod -- Austin, TX -- October 27th, 2013

Philip H. Anselmo and the Illegals played above EHG, but I didn't get a setlist. Also, sorry if this sounds really formal and odd, I started writing this for a class today, but I added a bit to it and just posted it here.

Eyehategod's first show since founding member Joey LaCaze died this August was a rough one, and not just in a physical aspect. The love from the scene for the music and the people behind it shone through that night, as spontaneous eruptions of "Joey, Joey" peppered the 45 minute set whenever the feedback squeals and tortured vocals ceased forming from the band.

The band started their show with a new track, "New Orleans is the New Vietnam", and escalated from there. People not used to the ensuing cacophony went to the bar or the outdoor smoking patio, got into it with the more seasoned EHG fans, or just stared. Frontman Mike "IX" Williams was more energetic than usual that night, starting small banters with the crowd, introducing one song with the joke "I'll bet that guy over there fucks his own sister!"; guitarists Jimmy Bower and Brian Patton would go crazy during the set, bang their heads, and interact with their fans, all without missing a note; bassist Gary Mader kept more to himself, frequently turning to his amplifier during the shows when he wasn't taking sips from his can of beer or saying hello to a couple of fans, and guest drummer Dale Crover of the Melvins was a madman on his kit; a perfect stand-in for the night's festivities (and incidentally, one of Joey's favorite drummers).

During their brief time onstage, the band ran through fan favorites, deeper cuts, and even ended the show with a cover. As the show drew to a close, Mike took to the stand and assured the audience that they would carry on, and informed them that a drummer had been chosen to sit in at Joey's spot on the drums for the rest of the tour. The band left to more cries of "Joey, Joey" one by one, leaving Mike alone onstage for a few moments. He closed off the night with a quote from Germs singer Darby Crash's last lines onstage

"Thank you. We'll see you all at Oki Dogs."

(probably incomplete and slightly out of order)

New Orleans is the New Vietnam
$30 Bag
White Nigger
Jackass in the Will of God
Sisterfucker Pt. 1
Masters of Legalized Confusion
Easy As it Was (Melvins cover)
1/19, 1/21 - Brujeria
2/10 - Mayhem
3/15 - Goatwhore
5/19 - The Damned
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Nice review. Looking forward to seeing them in a few weeks up here in PA. Dale Crover is one of my favorite drummers. I would have loved to have seen that, but I doubt he's going to be the fill in for their tour, right?

Caught the Melvins last year and Crover was absolutely ridiculous behind the kit.
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Originally Posted by VelvetHarry View Post
Nice review. Looking forward to seeing them in a few weeks up here in PA. Dale Crover is one of my favorite drummers. I would have loved to have seen that, but I doubt he's going to be the fill in for their tour, right?
You are correct. Mike said onstage that they have another drummer lined up for the upcoming dates. Crover just filled in for the fest.
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