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Alice Cooper -- Hafnarfjarđar, Iceland -- August 13th, 2005

Alice Cooper


(Phantom Of the Opera intro Tape) / Department Of Youth (part)
No More Mr Nice Guy
Dirty Diamonds
Billion Dollar Babies
Be My Lover
Lost In America
I Never Cry
Woman Of Mass Distraction
I’m Eighteen
Between High School and Old School
What Do You Want From Me
Is It My Body
Go To Hell
Black Widow Jam (Inc. Drum solo)
Feed My Frankenstein
Welcome To My Nightmare
"The Piece" (Includes The Awakening / Steven / Only Women Bleed / Ballad Of Dwight Fry / Killer)
I Love The Dead (Band vocal only)
School's Out
I Wish I Was Born In Beverly Hills
Under My Wheels

It is 21:30 in Kaplakriki Arena and around 1500 Alice Cooper are shouting “Cooper, Cooper….”
Then suddenly the lights go out and the crowd goes crazy. Phantom Of the Opera intro kicks in. When that is finished the band begins to count “3,2,1” and Alice Cooper appears through a layer of smoke. Department of Youth begins. Next song was one of my fave Cooper songs “No More Mr Nice Guy” the crowd responded well. The first new song of the set was “Dirty Diamonds” the crowd was amazing which was surprising. Alice threw several Diamond necklaces to the crowd. I don´t know if it was a coincident or not but I only saw girls catching them. Familiar tones….”Billion Dollar Babies” was next up. One of the highlights for sure. During the instrumental section Alice took up a sword covered in money and threw them to the crowd. “Be My Lover” was next. Nothing worth telling happened during the song. The same has to be said about “Lost In America”. Both great songs though.

Now the band slowed down a bit and played I Never Cry, beautiful song. Now we have the second new song up next “Woman Of Mass Distraction” and what an amazing song, sadly not many people knew the song. The same can´t be said about “I´m Eighteen” the song was literally sung by the crowd. Alice took out his crutch and played with it. One of the highlights.
The next three songs “Between High School and Old School“, “What Do You Want From Me” and “Is It My Body“ were unknown to the crowd and to me too. But I knew “Go To Hell” as did the crowd. A minute or so into the song The Whipdancer enters the stage and dances around, that is Alice´s daughter BTW.

Next was the “Black Widow jam” with an amazing drum solo from Eric Singer. “Gimme” was next. Nothing worth telling happened. “Feed My Frankenstein” was next. The crowd was amazing. In the instrumental part Alice started to assembling an body in a coffin, all but the head. “Welcome to my Nightmare” was a long intro to “The Piece”. Alice was put in a straitjacket and he sung “The Ballad Of Dwight Fry” in that. Suddenly a group of people dressed in black pushed to the stage a guillotine covered in blood. Alice was put in that. What happened next…..? Well, he got his head chopped of by his daughter. His daughter took his head and finished the body in the coffin. When she did that smoke came from the coffin and Alice returned to “Schools Out”. Very cool, gigantic balloons were thrown to the audience. Alice took his sword and blew them to pieces, confetti shattered through the stage and audience.

The first encore song was “Poison” everyone knew that, it sounded amazing, to me better than the studio version. I have never liked “Poison” very much, but that was one of the highlights.
We were joined by Paris Hilton and paparazzis in I Wish I Was Born In Beverly Hills. That was the last new song of the gig, good song.
The gig ended with “Under My Wheels”. Amazing gig all in all


Pictures: http://myndver.is/?i=24

News stream: http://dagskra.ruv.is/streaming/sjon...ile=4184514/12
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