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Intronaut -- West Hollywood, CA -- December 19th, 2014
Cannabis Corpse -- Chicago, IL -- December 17th, 2014
Kreator -- London, England -- December 18th, 2014
It Lies Within -- Westland, MI -- December 16th, 2014
Pallbearer -- Kansas City, MO -- December 16th, 2014

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Rank the Death albums

I'll try it ... but damn! that's hard ..

1. Leprosy
2. Spiritual Healing
3. Symbolic
4. Scream Bloody Gore
5. The Sound Of Perseverence
6. Human
7. Individual Thought Paterns

curious to see what everyone thinks, they are all fantastic albums anyway

Cheers !
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1. Individual Thought Patterns
2. Leprosy
3. Sound of Perseverance
4. Human
5. Symbolic
6. Spiritual Healing
7. Scream Bloody Gore
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1. Spiritual Healing - my favourite death metal album ever. The production is absolutely perfect, and these are the best songs Chuck has written. James Murphy pushed Chuck's guitar playing further than it would have ever gone, and in spite of what people say about Bill Andrews' drumming, I really enjoy it.
2. Leprosy - This was my first death metal album, and has grown into one of my favourites. There is a certain charm to how bad it sounds, and the songs are completely brilliant.
3. Symbolic
4. Human
5. Scream Bloody Gore
6. The Sound of Perseverance
7. Individual Thought Patterns - This album is 1000x better with the recent reissue/remaster
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1. The Sound Of Perseverance
2. Symbolic
3. Individual Though Patterns
4. Leprosy
5. Scream Bloody Gore
6. Human
7. Spiritual Healing
12/19 Lil B 'The Based God'
12/20 Cormorant/Wildhunt
1/2 Pity Sex/Whirr
3/7 Enslaved/Yob
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Originally Posted by slapguitarer View Post
1. The Sound Of Perseverance
2. Symbolic
3. Individual Though Patterns
4. Leprosy
5. Scream Bloody Gore
6. Human
7. Spiritual Healing
Pretty much this. With 4,5,,6 in a different order.

4. Scream Bloody Gore
5. Human
6. Leprosy
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1. Scream Bloody Gore (one of my introductory albums to death metal)
2. Leprosy
3. The Sound of Perseverance
4. Symbolic
5. Individual Thought Patterns
6. Human
7. Spiritual Healing
12/20 Pizzahifive
12/26 Macabre ?
12/27 Zero Boys ?
1/5 Genocide Pact ?
1/9 Skull Fist
1/10 Cruel Hand
1/16 Mayhem
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I could've swore we've done this twice already. Oh well who cares,I always change my mind anyways.

1. Scream Bloody Gore
2. Spiritual Healing
3. Individual Thought Patterns
4. Leprosy
5. Human
6. Symbolic
7.The Sound of Perseverance

Im not a fan of Prog.
1/5-Cattle Decapitation/Theories
1/10-Sex Prisoner/Final Draft
1/23-Harm's Way/Disgrace

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1. Sound of Perseverance
2. Symbolic
3. Human
4. Individual Though Patterns
5. Leprosy
6. Spiritual
7. SBG
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