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Absu -- Los Angeles, CA -- August 14th, 2016
Demoncy -- Los Angeles, CA -- August 12th, 2016

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Havok -- Ybor City, FL -- August 1st, 2013

We arrived at the Orpheum about an hour before doors for the show that was going on, only to find absolutely no one was there, which is ridiculous, but luckily around 100 people showed up later, so at least there was a halfway decent crowd.

The first of four locals opening was the band Judicator, I had seen them before and enjoyed them, I honestly didn't even know they were playing the show until they walked on stage. Judicator are one of the more underappreciated FL local metal bands in my opinion, good ol' death/thrash, and they definitely won over the crowd with their cover of Raining Blood. Overall Judicator were a great way to start off the show.

Up next was Deadlift, they were the only band I had previously never heard of before the show, but they definitely impressed, especially their vocalist. I missed part of this band's set, so I'll have to check them out again sometime, but what I did see was really good.

Next were Slikk Wicked, these guys were very energetic and a lot of fun, you can definitely hear a Pantera influence, especially from the guitarist. They definitely got the crowd going with their cover of Anthrax's rendition of "Antisocial". All in all a solid set.

Now it was time for the final of the local openers, Riptorn. This was my third time seeing this band live, and they get better every time. Riptorn have a very odd yet interesting mixture of thrash and sludge metal, and I can hear a slight power metal influence in it as well. I think out of the four locals, Riptorn received the best reaction from the crowd, and rightfully so. Riptorn are in my opinion the best "local" thrash band in central Florida, their "The Shit EP" is more than worth checking out. Also I have to say, Riptorn's vocalist Ben is easily one of the best and most diverse vocalists in the central Florida metal scene, so go check them out if you haven't.

And now it was finally time for the mighty HAVOK, I had been wanting to see this band ever since their "Time Is Up" album came out, and every time they've come here I always came close to making it, but never did unfortunately. Havok are in my opinion, at the forefront of the new wave of thrash metal, their "Time Is Up" is easily one of the ten best thrash albums to come out of the last decade. As soon as they kicked into "Covering Fire" the entire crowd went absolutely nuts. Havok are absolutely flawless live, and their drummer Pete Webber is a machine.

Overall this was one of the most fun shows I've been too In the last year, can't wait for Havok to come back through.

Havok setlist

1)Covering Fire
2)Point Of No Return
3)Give Me Liberty... Or Give Me Death
4)Scumbag In Disguise
5)Under The Gun
6)I Am The State
7)From The Cradle To The Grave
9)Unnatural Selection
11)Time Is Up
12)Fatal Intervention


1)You Scared Yourself
2)Total Extremeness
4)Rage Hard
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Did you happen to look at Havok's merch?

Particularly the vinyl for the new album, which is tour only. Just want to know how much $$$ to bring.
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Old 08-02-2013, 08:57 PM
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They sold out of their vinyl.

Shirts - $18
CDs - $10
Patches - $5
Signed drum heads - $15-20 depending on size.
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Originally Posted by TheNobleFaceHumper View Post
They sold out of their vinyl.
I hope it's a certain amount per show or something, otherwise are you kidding me? Did they get like 20 copies pressed? It's been a week since the tour started.

Thanks for the info though. That set's pretty killer, even though I'd like to see Chasing the Edge in there.

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killer, they rocked VA too-
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