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Scream The Prayer Tour -- Orlando, FL -- July 6th, 2013

We arrived at the H20 in Orlando for the "Scream The Prayer" tour about 45 minutes before doors opened, and there were maybe 30 people there, I can't even remember the last show I went to that had a good crowd, so we got in line, and I contacted two of the bands Gideon and Wolves At The Gate (whom I was interviewing) to find out when to meet up and then I headed inside, picked up WATG's "Captors" and Gideon's "Costs" cds and Impending Doom's "There Will Be Violence" shirt, and got ready for the first band.

The first band of the day were "Exiting The Fall", they were the show's "special guest" all the way from Boston, I wasn't able to stay to watch their whole set but from what I heard they sounded okay, their vocalist had great presence on stage, and you could tell they were very excited to be there, I'll have to check them out again sometime.

Next were Silent Planet, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, only than at least two of the other bands on the tour told me they were their favorite band to watch. Silent Planet had sort of a djent-y feel with the guitar tone, they reminded me slightly of Born Of Osiris, I wasn't really into it, but the crowd seemed to be, I'll definitely give their EP a chance at some point.

Up next were local boys Those Who Fear, I only caught two songs because I had to go do an interview, I'm not really a fan of their sound, but I can say they definitely had the best presence on stage out of all the opening bands, and you could tell the crowd was loving it, so I definitely must give props to them, and I'll try to check them out next time they're playing.

Due to having to do my two interviews, and filming two others for a friend, I missed all of Overseer, Everyone Dies In Utah, and The Great Commission, which I really waned to see TGC, but oh well I guess.

I made it back to catch the 2nd half of Fit For A King's set, this band apparently have the best record sales for the first week than any other Solid State Records band (which includes August buns red, the chariot, and Underoath), which is extremely impressive, especially since I'd never heard of this band before the tour was announced. I'd describe FFAK as traditional metalcore with a groove oriented feel, they were very impressive live, so I'll have to check out their new album.

Now we were down to the final 3 bands, who were mainly the bands I came to see, first was Wolves At The Gate. I first discovered this band when I saw them open for Uneath, Born Of Osiris and The Contortionist back in November, which their singer/guitarist Steve told me was probably the hardest tour they've ever done. WATG are musically what I think post hardcore should be, similar to bands like Thrice, Blindside and Finch, but with their own personal twist on it. This band had almost the entire crowd singing along to every word of every song, which was awesome too see, they were really the only "sing-along" type band on the tour, and right before their last song Steve gave a speech to the crowd about his faith and beliefs and most of them seemed to be very moved by it, which was cool. If you haven't ever listened to this band I highly recommend you go check out their album "Captors".

Up next were the band a majority of the crowd were obvious mainly there for, Gideon. I've been listened to this band's latest album "Milestone" a lot lately trying to get into them, lyrically I loved it but musically it just felt like another hardcore band, but my opinion of them definitely changed after their set. Gideon are by far the best live band on this tour, they have a very thick groove to their sound live which made them all the better, they are extremely heavy, but at the same time very melodic. Gideon are one of those rare few bands that give absolutely everything into their performance, and you could tell they love what they're doing, which made for a much more intimate performance. And right before they played the song "Faceless", vocalist Daniel told the crowd the story behind the song, 7 years ago his mother was driving home at night up a hill, and apparently on the other side of the hill this guy driving decides to pass the 18-wheeler in front of him, and the two cars crash at the top, and his mother was killed instantly, and the other guy left without any injury, and Daniel was crying the entire time he was playing that song. All in all Gideon are a must see live band if you're a fan of hardcore, and their bassist Tim said they'd be back sometime this Oct/Nov so be on the look out.

And now it was time for the headliners Impending Doom, I saw them for the first time last October and they blew every band off the stage that night, this time not so much. Impending Doom's vocalist Brooke Reeves was away with his family so they hired a fill in for this tour, Danon Saylor of Bullet For A Pretty Boy. While Danon did a fantastic job filling in, I couldn't help but notice he wasn't really hitting the lows/gutturals on most of the songs, it most mostly obvious during "Murderer" though. I honestly feel like Brooke Reeves is one of only two irreplaceable "deathcore" vocalists, but I will give props for Danon for filling in and doing a solid job. As for the rest of the band they were extremely tight as I expected, the stage presence this band brings is almost unreal, and I was very excited that they played a couple of their older songs. Impending Doom continue to prove why they are one of the best bands in the Christian metal world, and I'll definitely go see them any chance I get.

Impending Doom setlist

1)Storming The Gates Of Hell
2)Anything Goes
3)Chaos: Reborn
4)More Than Conquerors
5)There Will Be Violence
6)Silence The Oppressors
8)The Serpent Servant
10)For The Wicked


1)Bad Blood
2)Kingdom Minded
4)Still Alive
5)False Profits
9)Prodigal Son

Wolves At The Gate

2)Dead Man
4)In Your Wake
6)Man Of Sorrows

Fit For A King

1)II Diluvio (Intro)
2)Ancient Waters
3)War Path
4)Bitter End
6)The Resistance
7)Hollow King (Sound Of The End)

The Great Commission

1)Every Knee Shall Bow
2)Don't Go To church, Be The Church
3)Don't Draw The Line
4)The Way The Truth The Life
5)The Walking Dead
6)Weight Of The World

Everyone Dies Is Untah

1)Welcome To The Ward
2)Bed, Bath And Beyonce
3)Dude...I Know...It's Everywhere
4)Synthia, Where's R2?
5)Light Em' Up, Terrance Peterson!
6)You Are Now Manually Breathing
7)Dance War

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