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Whiplash -- Oakland, CA -- July 6th, 2013

Fun show! Got to hang out with a lot of friends I hadn't seen in months and months, so that was really nice to catch up with them. Also got to hang out with my pals in Witchaven again. Henry and Lerby are quite honestly some of the coolest guys I know.

Got there right as Thanatonic Desire went on. I had already seen Spellcaster the night before, so I didn't really care too much about missing them. Thanatonic Desire didn't suck, but they weren't that great either.

Next were my boys, Witchaven. They were awesome as usual, and really got the floor moving. Mark's quit the band, so they've got a fill-in bassist for this tour named Frank. The set was still great, but Mark's playing was definitely missed. Erik and Henry were on fire, Henry in particular is becoming a more badass soloist with every show.

1. Faces of Death
2. Terrorstorm
3. Black Thrash Assault
4. Homeless
5. ADD
6. Unholy Copulation

Iron Reagan fucked the little room at the Oakland Metro up. One of the most bonkershit sets I've seen all year. The music was fucking awesome too, the riffs were great and I didn't get the dumb vibe I always get with Municipal Waste. Yes friends, I like Iron Reagan more than Municipal Waste. Also the Cro-Mags cover made everyone go ballistic. One of the sickest and most insane sets I've seen this year along with Wehrmacht a few months back.

1. Drop the Gun
2. Paycheck
3. Eyes Piss Tears
4. Slightly Out of Focus
5. Cycles of Violence
6. new song
7. Snake Chopper
8. I Ripped That Testament a New Asshole
9. Rats in a Cage
10. Bodies
11. Midlothian Murder Mile
12. Don't Tread on Me (Cro-Mags cover)
13. Walking Out
14. Eat Shit and Live

Whiplash were fun, but Tony ran into a ton of guitar problems throughout the set, so a couple songs were cut from the written setlist. Still fun, but these dudes were fucked for having to follow Iron Reagan. Tony still shreds though, and Dank is a badass performer. He also has the coolest name ever. I will name my firstborn Dank. He/she will thank me for it forevermore. Also The Burning of Atlanta ruled, as did Last Man Alive.

1. Last Man Alive
2. Spit on Your Grave
3. Killing On Monroe Street
4. Sword Meet Skull, Skull Meet Sword
5. Spiral of Violence
6. Insult to Injury
7. The Burning of Atlanta
8. Red Bomb
9. War Monger
10. This
11. Walk the Plank
12. Power Thrashing Death
13. Nailed to the Cross
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There were a ton of guitar issues at my show as well. Good thing they cut Last Nail/Eternal Eyes. That was seriously the most boring 8 minutes of my life.
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iron reagan, whiplash, witchaven

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