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Intronaut -- San Francisco, CA -- July 5th, 2013

I got to Slim's with my friend Alex and met up with Lincoln line after getting my free tickets from the box office. It was cool to see what our favorite little soviet fuck had been up to and catch up. Plenty of talk about our favorite shows and albums of the past year and such. There was a surprising amount of people early to the show. It really wasn't many people but dudes aren't usually getting to Slim's before doors, so I wasn't able to get front and center viewing but was a little to the left, close enough. Right around 9 the first band of the night went on.

The first band of the night was the bay area's very own Castle. To the disappointment of a few individuals, Mouth of the Architect dropped off the tour early to go do some European touring, so the last few dates of the tour welcomed Castle to the stage. Castle are a female fronted old school doom metal trio. Their set focused off material from their 2012 effort, Blacklands. They were met with a warm crowd response and it seemed they were happy to be playing with Scale the Summit and Intronaut, even if only for a few dates. They sounded great, bringing a slab of great riffs with a retro sound to them and good stage presence. If you dig the likes of Witch Mountain, check these guys out.

Ever Hunter
Venomous Pentagram
Corpse Candles
Storm Behind the Mountains
Dying Breed

Next up was Scale the Summit, and right off the bat it was pretty obvious a decent amount of the attendees were mainly there for these prog metal giants. I didn't really know what to expect from their set, since I loved their major label debut, Carving Desert Canyons, but wasn't too keen on the kind of darker atmosphere they presented on their 2011 effort, The Collective. Since most of their set consisted of songs from their latest album, The Migration, their set was going to be my deciding factor of whether or not I should give it a shot. And after their set I'm definitely doing so. From what I heard, their newer material has pretty much everything that I loved about CDC and retains the good aspects of their heavier shift on The Collective and sees even more math rock tendencies than ever before, in a lot of tapping and clean tones that are very reminiscent of Piglet and Giraffes? Giraffes! The technical prowess these guys posses is nothing short of amazing really, and it was delight to hear and see such great musicianship right in front of my face. And it was awesome to hear a couple of tracks from Carving Desert Canyons. Something that was pretty funny was in between songs some guy, probably near the sound booth or something, would talk all tough guy metal in a forced low voice. The band introduced the mysterious voice as Phil Anselmo, so it seemed legit. Also Intronaut came out with some drinks and they all did shots. Scale the Summit returned the favor during Intronaut's set as well. Overall, Scale the Summit were a really great show.

Scale the Summit
The Dark Horse
Age Of The Tide
Atlas Novus
The Great Plains
The Olive Tree
The Traveler

Finally, came the main band of the night, Intronaut. I was really excited to see them as this was the first time I'd be seeing them since I saw 'em opening for Mastodon back in 2009. They came out and the mysterious voice returned only this time posing as a wimpy boy introducing Intronaut. After that, Intronaut introduced themselves and then proceeded to play almost non stop for the next hour, focusing mainly on newer material for the first half of their performance then older stuff the later half. The whole time I was having a complete blast because I love all of their material and they sound absolutely phenomenal live, especially Joe Lester and Danny Walker. Joe's bass tone is just something from out of this world, and same goes for Danny's drumming. The only thing that was kind of a bummer was I couldn't hear Sacha's vocals all too well, but when they came in he sounded great and when both Sacha and Dave sang it sounded wonderful. The two voices really compliment each other. The visuals they were playing in the background were pretty cool too, mostly stuff relating to their album art work then clips of other stuff. The new stuff sounded great and really was just kind of a blissful sludge trance the whole time, and when they started busting out older material, starting with Prehistoricsms, I started losing my shit. That album is one of my all time favorites so I was to hear 3 songs off of that live. After they played Black Cloud they went of stage but came back on like not even half a minute later for their 'encore'. Overall the set was a great time, and it being a free show made just a bit sweeter.

Killing Birds With Stones
Milk Leg
The Welding
Core Relations
Sore Sight For Eyes
The Literal Black Cloud

After their set I ran into Nick from Cormorant and chatted with him for a bit. No real new news I can report, but it's always call to chat with a dude from one of my favorite bands for a bit. I also talked to Joe Lester for a little bit and he was super nice a really appreciative. Talked about latin jazz for a little bit which was cool, and learned he apparently went to UC Santa Cruz for music school. Maybe I should've gone there myself...

Castle: 7/10
Scale the Summit: 8/10
Intronaut: 9/10
1/14 High on Fire
1/24 Ash Borer
2/4 BlackStorm Fest ft. Uada, Horrid, +more
2/8 Necrot
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Looks like all three if us had a good time last night, nice!
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castle, intronaut, scale the summit

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