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Uli Jon Roth -- Westland, MI -- February 1st, 2013

Detroit and its surrounding area have terrible concert attendance. I don't even remember the last time i was at a show that was sold out. While tonight the small Token Lounge outside of Detroit in Westland, was not sold out, it was almost full for the joyous occasion of guitar legend Uli Jon Roth. I was expecting maybe 50 people there, but darn, i guess i didn't know Uli could still bring them in. Though this was my first time at the Token Lounge, so i'm not sure how much of a crowd they usually bring in. There was probably around 120 people there.

I mainly went to this show because i heard that Uli was going to play mostly classic Scorpions songs from his tenure with the band. Since i was little disappointed the last time i saw the Scorpions at DTE in 2010, this was an amazing chance to hear songs that otherwise i would never hear again/ was hoping to hear in 2010.

I'd like to say when Uli hit the stage (around 11:40) the crowd erupted, but it was really just middle aged dudes jeering and raising their beers. Something that annoyed me was the middle age people we're quite annoying. They kept screaming out songs during breaks, and Uli kept saying "Yeaahhh...no" or they would talk about how the singer was no Klaus and how Rudolph was missing. Most of the older folks left after "Dark Lady" was complete. I guess they forget about encores. At one point one of his nobs fell off his guitar, and he asked the audience if they had a tiny screwdriver. Twas quite odd considering he had another guitar already on the stage, but i don't believe he played that one the entire night.

The backing band was exceptional. The other guitarist, who couldn't of been more than 20 was phenomenal. The other musicians we're also extremely talented, and it didn't take away from the performance what so ever. The singer also sounded like Klaus alot. Though it seemed about half of the time the members were looking at Uli play just as we were, which was weird to say the least.

As for Uli himself, he was without a doubt the best guitarist i have ever seen live. I've never gone to a show before just to see a guitarist, but holy shnikes was it phenomenal. Uli played for over 2 hours, and even during songs i didn't know i enjoyed them just as much.

The setlist below is incomplete but i'm amost 99% sure they played 18 songs. So if you were there, please add. All the songs were Scorpions songs before the encore.

1. All Night Long
2. Longing For Fire
3. Crying Days
4. Yellow Raven
5. Life's Like A River
6. Sails of Charon
7. Hell Cat
8. Drifting Sun
9. We'll Burn The Sky
10. In Trance
11. I've Got To Be Free
12. ??? (slower)
13. Polar Nights?
14. Dark Lady
15. Pictured Life
16. Catch Your Train
17. All Along The Watch Tower (Bob Dylan cover)
18. ???

*I believe 13, was Polar Nights, but im not sure
*12 from what i remember was slower
*18 was not a Scorpions song.

Song definately not played:
Robot Man
Top of The Bill
He's A Woman, She's A Man
Steamrock Fever
Speedy's Coming
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I really wish this was near me at all..damn...what a cool show. can't believe he played hell cat...awesome. These to me are what made the set.
Sails of Charon
Hell Cat
We'll Burn The Sky
In Trance
Dark Lady

would have liked to see Virgin Killer and speedy's coming in there as well.
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uli jon roth

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