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Black Earth -- Osaka, Japan -- May 23rd, 2016
AC/DC -- Prague, Czech Republic -- May 22nd, 2016
Mitochondrion -- Brooklyn, NY -- May 21st, 2016
Alice Cooper -- Rama, Ontario -- May 21st, 2016
Lamb of God -- Toronto, Ontario -- May 19th, 2016

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Dream Summer Slaughter 2012 Setlists

Cerebral Bore:
Epileptic Strobe Entrapment
Entombed in Butchered Bodies
Open Casket Priapism
The Bald Cadaver

The Contortionist (guest on my date):
Primal Directive

Exhumed (not familiar enough with the material to do a setlist)

Apocalyptic Havoc
Embodiment of this Bitter Chaos
Forever Consumed Oblivion
An End to Nothing
In Legions, I Am Wars Of Wrath
Alchemy of the Black Sun Cult

Job For A Cowboy:
Nourishment Through Bloodshed
Knee Deep
Bearing The Serpents Lamb
Tongueless and Bound
Summon The Hounds
The Manipulation Stream
Unfurling A Darkened Gospel

Veil of Maya:
Divide Paths
Numerical Scheme
Vicious Circles
The Glass Slide
It's Not Safe To Swim Today

Frak the Gods
All New Materials
Letter Experiment
Icarus Lives!

The Faceless:
Planetary Duality Start to finish
All Dark Graves

Between The Buried and Me:
All Bodies
Decade of Statues
Prequel to the Sequel
Disease, Injury,Madness
Backwards Marathon
Selkies: The Endless Obsession

Cannibal Corpse:
The Time To Kill Is Now
Demented Aggression
Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead
Brain Removal Device
Death Walking Terror
I Cum Blood
Fucked With A Knife
Pit of Zombies
Evisceration Plague
Scourge of Iron
Split Wide Open
Addicted to Vaginal Skin
Born in a Casket
Shatter Their Bones
Cruicfier Avenged
Make Them Suffer
Hammer Smashed Face
Stripped, Raped, and Strangled
6/18 Bane
7/5 letlive.
8/19 blink-182/ADTR
8/25 Black Sabbath

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Bloodletting Upon The Cloven Hoof
Sky Inferno
Invert The Virgin
My Eyes Are The Spears Of Chaos
Alchemy Of The Black Sun Cult
I Avenge Myself

The Faceless:
Prison Born
An Autopsy
Shape Shifters/Coldly Calculated Design
Planetary Duality I and II

Between The Buried and Me:
Ants Of The Sky
Croakies and Boatshoes
White Walls
Foam Born A: The Backtrack
Foam Born B: Decade Of Statutes
Selkies: The Endless Obsession
All Bodies

Cannibal Corpse:
Unleashing The Bloodthirsty
Murder Worship
Demented Aggression
The Pick-Axe Murders
Addicted To Vaginal Skin
Dead Human Collection
I Will Kill You
Sentence To Burn
They Deserve To Die
Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead
Evisceration Plague
I Cum Blood
Shatter Their Bones
Shredded Humans
Skewered From Ear To Eye
Hacksaw Decapitation
Buried In The Backyard
Pounded Into Dust
Hammer Smashed Face
Stripped, Raped, and Strangled
5/27-5/29 - MDF
7/12 - Destroyer 666
7/29 - Summer Slaughter
8/5 - Carcass, Ghoul
8/19 - Razor
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