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Old 03-23-2012, 03:02 AM
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Mpire of Evil -- Los Angeles, CA -- March 22nd, 2012

Fantastic show. Lots of heavy good times, in the end it turned out to be a great fucking show for a thursday night. I also ended up hanging out with Mantas and Dolan after the show was over and we talked for awhile. Just the Three of us and no one else!! Just myself, Mantas and Dolan, felt very special and somewhat "intimate", NO HOMOE.. But I will get into more of that later.

I'm not going to go into an "in-depth" review because there isn't much to say that already hasn't been said about this fantastic tour. There are already two other great reviews posted on here about how awesome the tour is. I'm just here to add a nice "lil" addition and post a small lil' rant on how my experience went at the show. And a lot of people already should know by now after my "almost" 2 years of being aboard on this awesome board...that sepulwizard persian man 666 is not the best guy to go too when it comes to having "the most detailed and best written reviews" on metal setlist.com

Anyways Lets cut the pie five ways and move this shit, baby.

Evil Dead
F.C.I./ The Awakening
Run Again
Blasphemy Divine
Gone Shooting
Annihilation of Civilization

Evil Dead was pretty good. It was great seeing them again. This time around they came out at 9:30pm instead of 2 in the morning. The first time I saw Evil Dead was at the Thrasho De Mayo Festival back in May of 2010. It was Evil Deads first show in California in over 20 years and it was their reunion. They headlined the festival and ended up being the last band on the bill. They ended up coming on stage at 1:45 in the morning and rocked the house till 3 AM in the morning. They played pretty much the entire "Annhialation of civilization album and with the addition of like 8-9 songs off there past Eps, Demos ect. I have never seen a metal band come out and play that late in all my years of attending gigs. It was pretty cool even though it was way too late....It felt weird seeing them play tonight at 9:30 PM. Huge difference when compared to seeing them play at two in the morning ahahah. Since they were one of the openers, it was no surprise we would get a somewhat lackluster set by them. 6 songs is not bad but i was really hoping to hear way more tunes. Especially after being spoiled by their performance in 2010 which consisted of the entire "Annihlation of civilization" record and the addition of 9-10 more songs. I did not think Evil Deads Performance was as good as the one in 2010 but then again maybe it was because of the fact that the other show was their first reunion in CA in over 20 year, meh who knows. In the end. Evil was pretty good, not great though.

Mpire of Evil.

Countess Bathory
Hell to the Holy
Die Hard
Metal Messiah
Leave Me in Hell
Waking Up Dead
All Hail
Prime Evil
Black Metal
Witching Hour

Pretty much the main reason why I attended this show in the first place. Consisting of ex members of the legendary 80s band Venom, This is probably as close to "venom" as it gets when it comes to getting the chance to seeing some sort of formation of the classic metal band from the early 80s. Make no mistake about it...These guys were fucking Heavy. Mpire of Evil was the best band out of everyone tonight and they had the best sound, best set, best crowed, best intensity, best everything. Watching Mantas and Dolan use their magic together and joining forces to bust out those raw heavy tunes was just a sight to be hold. The new songs sounded heavy and the Venom songs sounded even heavier. Mpire of Evil proved tonight they are setting out to make epic heavy metal music and that they are from from being a "venom rip off cover clone". I'm not very familiar with the new record but from what i heard...IT'S FUCKING HEAVY. Hellspawn in particular sounded really fucking heavy and grabbed my attention like a mother fucker. Hell, their whole set grabbed my attention. The kind where the tunes are so heavy and raw that they are grabbing you by the tip of your shirt and pouncing you around to ensure you that your head is shanking and pouncing from all sides from the heaviness that is being bestowed upon. The only downer about the performance was that Dolans voice was really fucked up and he was advised by his doctor to not perform at tonights show. Mpire of Evil were originally not going to play tonight but Dolan refused and gave a big ol speech about how much this tour and the support from the fans means a lot to him....So the majority of the set he was just mute and all you could here was the massive guitar riffs coming from Mantas, the legend himself. During some songs you could kind of make out what Dolan was saying but during most of the set he was just pretty much a talking mute button.

I looked over at the setlist posted by the drums. Looks like they were suppose to be play 13 but ended up getting cut off by one song. As I said earlier, Mpire of Evil was the best sounding band at the show tonight, Mantas's Guitar tone was epic and he really brought those old Venom joints to life! Hearing Mantas shred the opening riff of "Black Metal" is something that I will never forget. Hearing mantas Shred out the opening riff of black metal was just so pure fucking heavy goodness that I just can't quite describe it. Just know that this was as close as I will get to hearing the REAL DEAL. I personally thought that "Black Metal" sounded way more more heavier and way better live than on the original Record that was released in 1982. And my god, one thing I remember is how LOUD the fucking guitar sounded when Mantas exploded into the opening riff of "Black Metal"...SO FUCKING Loud. At first he kept toying with the crowed. Dolan would doodle with the bass to think "witching hour" was about to commence and then Mantas would shred out the opening riff of "Black metal" and start fucking with the crowed. So they had the fans choose only one since they were getting cut off. They said we can either get black metal or witching hour but that we couldn't get them both... Luckily after "Black metal" was finished, the guys decided to show some heart and came back out to do an encore. That is when Dolan started banging on the bass and everyone knew what was about to come next


When the band exploded into Witching Hour THE ENTIRE pit exploded into all out mayhem everywhere! CRAZY SHIT EVERY, SON. Flying mother fuckers and pitting and head bangers crushing each other like dragons!!! all that good stuff!!! Speaking of pitting... For those that are curious, This show didn't have a bad turn out at all. A lot of people who attended this tour said that the turn out was pretty abysmal. We didn't get any of the "15-20" crowed participation like the others got. At tonights show there was about 50 plus people. Still pretty low and it definitely wasn't even close to the amount of people that showed up for the Autopsy gig that took place at the same venue just two months ago. There was decent sized moshing to all out violent ass mother fucking moshing, especially during Onslaught and the Old Venom tunes.

One thing I would like to mention that was kind of funny and random.

Don't you guys hate it when you stand in the front of a rail to see your favorite musician or artist and then some asshole has to come ruin it by forcing himself into your spot and shoving you out of the way and making you stand behind them...rendering your original spot useless now?...after all those hard earned hours you had to endure just to stand and wait for your favorite band so you can see them up front as close as you can? Well i was securing a nice front spot on the rail for myself before Mpire of Evil were to hit the stage. All of a sudden This giant bald four hundred pound fool comes right in my spot and DOES EXACTLY THAT.

But heres the interesting part...

After realizing what he had done, the guy turns his head towards me and starts saying "OH, WAS THIS YOUR SPOT MAN? OH SHIT, IM SORRY ABOUT THAT BRO, HERE MAN. GO FOR IT". Me being the super laid back groovy mother fucker that I am, I was totally cool about it and told him its ok. At first I thought he was just being sarcastic or something but he was REALLY BEING SERIOUS, he wouldn't stop apologizing and eventually he pulled me back into the very front and let me have my spot, all of this was happening while he was going on about how sorry he was. Then he ran off and I ended up being back in my original spot....then 10 minutes later MPIRE OF EVIL hit the fucking stage and roar the speakers with "COUNTESS BATTHORRRY!!!" Now there is something you don't see every day. Usually when shit like that happens it ends with me being behind the asshole that shoved his way in my spot in the first place ...glad he had a change of heart

I also ended up hanging out with Mantas and Dolan after the show was over. We just hanged out right by the front entrance of the venue. There was no one else except the three of us. It was just Me, Dolan, Mantas and a couple of beers in our hands. Mantas and Dolan were really fucked up as well. You could tell they had been scarfing down alcohol since they got off stage. They could barley get up let a lone move their lips!!. I started going on about how amazing their performance was and how much their importance in metal means a lot to me. I went on and on about how bands like "Slayer and metallica" were just underground no bodies with demos who were looking up to people like Mantas for his contribution in the world of extreme music and how it was bands like Venom that inspired so many of these cats who are now headlining stadiums and arenas. I was pretty much bowing down to them and telling them of their greatness and they were so flattered! They were totally flattered by my kind words and couldn't' stop thanking me! Dolan and Mantas are some of the nicest people that i have ever met in the world of Heavy Metal Music. Such kind hearted, sweet, humble and very nice dudes. Dolan and Mantas were very flattered by my comments and statements. I told them how the new songs sounded really heavy and how they have to come back to the states for more shows. The look on their faces was priceless after I told them that i had driven over an hour just to come see them and mainly them. Dolan, with the biggest drunkest grin on his face, gets up and hugs me, and starts telling me how much my comments mean a lot to him and mantas, and how its people like me that give them the appetite that they crave for to make heavy music, while Dolan is hugging me Mantas Gives me the horn fists and we both connect our devil horns to each other and shake on it like as if we were brothers...a very beautiful and touching moment. For the next 20 minutes we start chatting about the history of extreme music, Venoms Legacy, how awesome they were, and how much I love mantas and dolan a lot, ahahah. I had Mantas and Dolan Sign my Venom shirt that I was wearing at the show as well! Good thing i brought that marker pen with me!! Knew it would come in handy!!! Were was everyone else you ask? How did the great sepul wizard end up hanging out with these legends with no nobody else around to come chat with us? well, Everyone else was still inside the venue watching Onslaught. All 50 plus people that attended the show were all still in the venue. I was pretty much the only guy outside, let alone THE ONLY GUY out side next to the front entrance of the venue, no body else!!!..well, except for Mantas, Dolan, and Myself!!...and some beers, ahhaha. I got really tired after "Damnation, Onslaught" and decided to leave after that song. I think there was two or more songs left but I didn't' stick around to hear them. Anyways, as i was leaving the venue I see these two gentlemen downing a bunch of beers, sitting by the bench next to the entrance of the venue. And it turns out to be Dolan and Mantas. I immediately do the girlie hyperventalation thing and start screaming "OH MUH GOD OH MUH GOD, ITS, ITS YOU GUYS *starts long rant on their legacy and importance in metal and how much I'm jizzing in my pants talking to them*.. After about 30 minutes of talking and getting to know each other like brothers, The sound technicians and security kept hovering over us and telling me, Mantas and Dolan to drink our beer in a much safer location and that the venue is closing, and that the band should go get their equipment. Mantas and Dolan were too drunk to comprehend what the people were saying over their heads so we just kept talking and talking, ignoring the security and sound guys. Eventually a security guard comes right up to us and pretty much tells us to get our shit together, and for mantas and dolan to stop fuckin drinking and pack their stuff cause onslaught just finished. So then we say our good byes, give each other pats on the back, fat hugs, ahahahah Mantas was shanking my hand for like 3 minutes straight before ending it with

"Cheers" and going our seperate paths...Epic sauce


Killing Peace
Born for War
Let There Be Death
Angels of Death
Destroyer of Worlds
Sounds of Violence
Metal Forces
Planting Seeds of Hate
Fight with the Beast
Damnation/Onslaught (Power from Hell)
*Ended up leaving at this point*

I will be totally blunt with you all, take it or leave it. Everyone is different and I am no different. I thought onslaught was good and was cool to watch but that's it. Oiner was totally right in his review. After being spoiled by the epicness of Mpire of Evil I just wasn't as blown away by Onslaught compared to the epic 3 piece of MPIRE of evils set. They were good and they had a lot of energy but i just wasn't digging their performance all that much. Maybe the sound was fuzzed up or something but I didn't like their mix at all. Some part the music would just sound too low and vocals were too high. And Over all, i just didn't find Onslaughts performance to match the intensity of the music that they illustrate on their records. After Damnation/Onslaught was over I left the venue and ended up running into Mantas and Dolan who were just sitting by the corner downing beers after beer. I ended up hanging with them until the sound guys and security told us three to get the fuck out of here and get our shit moving. Read the top section to see how the show ended in a much better detailed

Great show. Sorry for the long rant guys. I would also like thank the Mighty Ravenheart because I probably wouldn't have heard about the awesomeness that is Mpire of Evil if it wasn't for his posts. Kudos Raven bird.

Great show good times, Heavey moments all in the good name of heavy METAL
8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer

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Originally Posted by Wizard in Black 666 View Post
I'm not going to go into an "in-depth" review
Holy fuck longest review ever.

But I will read it all, because your reviews are entertaining.
1.23 Ash Borer / Volahn
2.2 Obliteration
2.7 Mayhem / Inquisition
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One of the best reviews Ive seen on here in a long time
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Originally Posted by street_burial View Post
One of the best reviews Ive seen on here in a long time
Agreed, plase don't stop writing long detailed reviews Sepwizard Persianman 666! What you lack in grammar and syntax you more than make up for in sheer emotion and passion in your reviews, and they're always a ton of fun to read as a result. That is an amazing story about getting to chill with Mantas and Dolan, and you're a lucky dude for getting so many songs from them!
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Holy shit. That fucking story of hanging with Dolan and mantas might be the coolest fucking story ever. Shaking metal horns? fucking epic.
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Originally Posted by Onioner View Post
What you lack in grammar and syntax you more than make up for in sheer emotion and passion in your reviews, and they're always a ton of fun to read as a result.

06/11 - Mac Sabbath
06/15 - Tom Keifer
07/23 - Toad the Wet Sprocket
10/07 - Gojira
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Awesome review, couldn't make me more excited to see this tour!
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Old 03-24-2012, 02:06 AM
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Originally Posted by street_burial View Post
One of the best reviews Ive seen on here in a long time
Thanks bro, means a lot
8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer
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Great fucking review man, really enjoyed it. That is what music is all about.

Yeah I hate when assholes push their way through the crowd and try and push you off your spot up front when you've been there for an hour. I never budge so then we end up squeezed together until they give up or someone else gives up their spot. It's cool that the guy was actually courteous.
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8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer
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evildead, mpire of evil, onslaught

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