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Exhumed -- Chicago, IL -- October 30th, 2011

Fourth Chicago set list posted in a row between me and JD!

This was a great day. Modified my costume for the show (pictures posted probably tomorrow in this thread) during the day and went to Kuma's Corner with metallicbrian666 and 2 other friends of ours. Great way to start the night! There weren't that many people in costumes at the show, unfortunately but some people did dig my costume. I ended up having it signed by the drummer, bassist and frontman of Havok, singer of Goatwhore, and lead guitarist of Exhumed!

Anyway, his show was INTENSE! The only problem was that Cephalic Carnage dropped a while back and we were teased with Wormrot being on here instead. In the end they couldn't make it to the states so it was just Exhumed, Goatwhore and Havok. There was also a local band called Hunters opening the show but I didn't bother checking them out. They call themselves "white thrash", whatever the hell that means.

Havok always put on a good show. They actually did play D.O.A. which made a lot of people in the crowd happy since they didn't play it the past few times they were here.

No Amnesty
Fatal Intervention
Morbid Symmetry
Melting The Mountain
Covering Fire

Goatwhore was up next. I remember seeing them play in a coffee house in DeKalb, IL with The Black Dahlia Murder and they were amazing then! I honestly thought they were even better now! They have so much energy on stage. Their singer is always running around getting the crowd going. The sound was pretty much perfect for them as well. They did play some new songs which sounded amazing! I'm REALLY looking forward to the new album now! It was really hard to tell who was better that night, these guys or Exhumed. I asked their singer for the set list but he didn't hear me... then I saw him give it to my friend who gets pretty much everything at shows! He's got a fuck ton of set lists, guitar picks and drum sticks, hell, he's even got Unearth's air horn from Mayhem Fest! Oh well, set list courtesy of him getting it. Glad he got it though so I could take a picture of it. They would have pentagrams in between the lines of every song

Carving Out The Eyes Of God
Sky Inferno
Alchemy Of The Black Sun Cult
Bloodletting Upon The Cloven Hoof
The All-Destroying
Beyond the Spell of Discontent (new song)
Commanding The Legions Of Hell
To Mourn And Forever Wander Through Forgotten Doorways
This Passing Into The Power Of Demons
Collapse In Eternal Worth (new song)
Provoking The Ritual Of Death
Invert The Virgin
Apocalyptic Havoc

And finally, one of the best live bands I have ever seen, Exhumed! As expected they destroyed Reggies! Most of the people there hadn't seen Exhumed before, so there were a lot of shocked faces! I don't know how they do it, but they manage to have so much energy and intensity on stage! They did play a lot of new stuff, which is okay because the new album is great, but I'm just disappointed they didn't play Casketkrusher. But hey, they added some other old stuff in (Torso, did not see that coming!) There was also a short guitar and drum solo. Those were... okay, really. They are both beasts at what they do but to solo is kinda unnecessary. They also had a guy dressed as a surgeon with a chainsaw running around on stage before they played Limb From Limb. EVERYONE went crazy to that song. The surgeon also came out near the end with a decapitated head and had blood pouring out into the crowd from where the neck is supposed to be. I didn't get any on me because he was stage right while I was on stage left when it happened, but that was sick as hell! These guys put on too good of a show!

All Guts, No Glory
Death Knell
As Hammer To Anvil
In The Name Of Gore
Limb From Limb
(guitar solo)
I Rot Within
Distorted And Twisted Into Form
Through Cadaver Eyes
(drum solo)
Open The Abscess
Decrepit Crescendo
The Matter Of Splatter

Overall, this was probably the best show I went to this month. Don't know if GWAR tonight will top that but we'll see. I HIGHLY recommend everyone to go to this if they can. You won't be disappointed one bit.

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Originally Posted by GarageMetal468 View Post
Bloodletting Upon The Cloven Hoof

I'm going to a Halloween metal show tonight, gonna dress up in my pedophile priest costume and get sloppy drunk...hopefully I can find someone that wants to drive me to Montreal! And if not, I'll take the bus but someone that lives in Montreal please let me stay at your house!!
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4 songs from Goatwhore that i havn't seen and a different Exhumed set than MDF. im glad they are playing some more new songs
12/27 Iron Mullet
1/6 Halestorm
1/12 Periphery
1/17 Schism
1/21 W13
1/25 Machine Head
1/29 Napalm Death
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Exhumed was great, and so was Goatwhore. Not sure who I liked more, though. This was my fourth time seeing Goatwhore since Jan 10, and I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing them live. They always pull out different songs too, which is great. I was most surprised by "To Mourn and Forever Wander Through Forgotten Doorways". Totally was not expecting that at all. "Bloodletting Upon the Cloven Hoof" almost made me shit myself as well. The new song was awesome, too. Really looking forward to the new album!

Exhumed is one of those bands that I've been meaning to get into for awhile now. Slaughterkult and Anatomy is Destiny have been staring me down at my local FYE for a year or two now, but I've just never gotten around to picking them up. Last week I bought the new album though, and I've been enjoying it alot. I was kind of glad they played a decent amount of songs from it, because I actually knew them. They were great the whole way through, and didn't let up for a minute. Their drummer was fantastic, and you could tell they were all having a great time on stage.

I'm glad I went.
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Great sets all around. Who's drumming for Exhumed?
High On Fire/Windhand: 1/9
Savages: 1/24
Zola Jesus: 1/26
Youth Code: 1/27
A Place To Bury Strangers: 2/17
Sleater-Kinney: 2/26-27
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I'm pretty sure Mike Hamilton from Deeds of Flesh is doing this tour, I know Danny Walker is not as he just returned from Europe with his other band. Both drummers are great though.
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Yeah I'm pretty sure it was Mike Hamilton
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Also, during 'Apocalyptic Havoc', Ben was directly above me, looking down at me into my eyes at the "Who needs a God when you've got Satan?" part. It was probably the most badass thing thats ever happened to me at a concert.
I've lost track of just about everything.
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Originally Posted by GarageMetal468 View Post
Yeah I'm pretty sure it was Mike Hamilton
Bingo!!! He was fucking fantastic in August when I saw Exhumed. I actually prefered that setlist over this current one. Although I really do love "All Guts, No Glory".

Cephalic Carnage was a total highlight of that show for me, sucks they dropped on this tour. At least Goatwhore is still direct support, almost wish you guys could have gotten Macabre tho I was totally suprised at how good that was.
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exhumed, goatwhore, havok

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