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Old 09-26-2011, 01:12 AM
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The Goddamn Gallows -- Hollywood, CA -- September 25th, 2011

This shit better not get moved cause the Goddamn Gallows are more metal than most bands nowadays. They play punk/psychobilly with metal infused into it, while having a banjo and a mandolin player in the band. They are musical perfection in my book.

After I left the Dropdead show at 5:45 today, I went and grabbed some food real fast and booked it to the Viper Room in Hollywood. I was worried that traffic on the 5 fwy would make me late for the show, but I arrived to the Viper Room at 7:15 or so. I walked in the side door(because I saw it was open) and saw the band was on stage and was confused by what was going on, but the bartender told me the show hadn't started yet. I waited around back for a bit and saw James Hunnicutt walk up. I talked to him for a bit and found out he wasn't playing a solo set like I had hoped. Jayke Orvis was set to go on in 20 minutes or so and the Goddamn Gallows were playing right after. I was super pumped because both bands are my obsession at the moment.

At 7:45, Jayke Orvis and the Broken Band went on and played a 30 minute set. It was very surreal because I was actually witnessing Jayke Orvis performing. He is my biggest influence. He is the reason that I decided to pick up mandolin. I think you should all look him up because he fucking shreds way better than most notable guitar players. This guy looks like some crusty guy, with a body full of tattoos, dread locks, and patches all over his clothes, but he plays the mandolin better than Bill Monroe. His solo album has seriously saved me from going to the limit of death for me over the last few months. I was a little bummed they only played a few songs off of his album, but I was happy with every second of the song. I feel like I'm missing a few songs, but this is what I remember.

Bound to Ride(Ralp Stanley)
Kaw Liga(Hank Sr)
Shady Grove
Feelings Like This
Dreadful Sinners
Battery Intro(Metallica)/Instrumental with Mike Classic

At this point, there was a 10 minute break before the Goddamn Gallows went on so Jayke could have a smoke break. I went outside to join and talked to James a bit more. I told him how much his solo music meant to me. I told him how it has helped me though some really difficult times and I could tell how much he appreciated it. I talked to him until GDG went on. I was bummed the set was cut so short, but I was extremely excited to see my favorite band finally play. I missed the first song and a half cause the bartender took for fucking ever to get my whiskey I was really happy they played their Venom cover cause it sounded so fucking sick!!! During Ticket to Bleed, the bassist and the drummer went into the crowd. The drummer was playing drums in the middle of the room, then the bassist picked up the snare and bass drum and moved it around in the air while the drummer was on his back, as if he was being spun around while drummer. It was a complete mock of the bands that drum and go upside down. Fucking priceless. I know these are what was played, but might be out of order.

Pass Me The Bottle
Born To Lie
Ragz N Bones
End of The World
Y'all Mother Fuckers Need Jesus
7 Devils
47 Crosses
Raise the Moon
In League With Satan(Venom)
Ticket to Bleed

After the show, I told Jayke he was my inspiration to pick up mandolin and I could tell he really appreciated that. I'm going to drive to San Diego tomorrow to see them again. I can't wait
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