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No Age -- Los Angeles, CA -- July 21st, 2011

The links are self explanatory, otherwise scroll down if you wanna read the narrative.

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No Age


No Flag





It's the summer of a million free outdoor shows in Los Angeles. Not just geezer bands this time either. They are even having shows at MacArthur Park now too. It's always been a fun-filled destination but now it has more to offer than just crack and fake ID's. Last night it was billed as "No Age and Special Guests," promoted by FYF who was pretty tight lipped about who the special guests were going to be.

No Age is a low-fi noise band mainly appealing to the juvenile hipsters who hang out at the Smell downtown. I've been seeing them live since I walked by a parking lot they were playing in Silver Lake in 2007. Don't own any albums but they are fun to see at the occassional free show.

I left 2 1/2 hours prior to the start time to beat traffic so I got there early to see the soundcheck with about a dozen other people. I noticed Chuck Dukowski hanging out at the back of the stage with his bass but thought maybe his band would be the secret opener but then Keith Morris came out they ripped through Black Flag's Wasted.

The secret opener was Ceremony, not sure what the big deal was, never heard of them, they were fun for a few minutes then got kinda boring in all the tuneless hardcore songs sound the same kinda way.

Anyway No Age played their usual set which had all the kids totally pumped and bouncing around. Then Keith and Chuck came out, put down some 6 song setlists and went into Wasted. The crowd totally went off with mass stagediving, crowd surfing (couldn't really see much because I was against the stage at the left PA). A dude in a wheelchair crowd surfed, was put down on the stage and watched the set from the side of the stage.

Security was freaking out, the promoter was at the side of the stage trying to keep them away from the stage. Keith told the crowd to step back, that security is not used to this. At some point what looked like a security supervisor walked out the back stage door with her hand slashing across her throat. I am thinking there is just one 90 second song on the setlist, if it ends now there are going to be overturned cars throughout the neighborhood. Keith asks the security guards at the side of the stage to stay where they are and they end with Nervous Breakdown.

Then what truly feels like riot conditions break out when people come to the front of the stage and start handing out these posters.

It was a fun show.


No Age

01. ??
02. Teen Creeps
03. Here Should Be My Home
04. You're A Target
05. ??
06. Fever Dreaming
07. Neck Escaper??
08. Eraser
09. Brain Burner
10. Boy Void
11. Sleeper Hold
---NO FLAG---
12. Wasted
13. Revenge
14. Fix Me
15. I've Had It
16. No Values
17. Nervous Breakdown

No Age might be missing an additional song, I don't really own any albums but they are fun to see.
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That sounds so rad.
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I'm so pissed I missed this I had nothing to do that night, so I just sat at home. I could have seen a Black Flag set for free
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no age, no flag

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