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Alestorm -- West Springfield, VA -- January 29th, 2015
Behemoth -- Houston, TX -- January 29th, 2015
Slipknot -- Birmingham, England -- January 27th, 2015
Machine Head -- Baltimore, MD -- January 28th, 2015
Napalm Death -- St. Petersburg, FL -- January 28th, 2015

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I have a lot of these, and I'm not gonna bother to list them all, but there's one I particularly am proud of:

Savatage - The Wake of Magellan - signed by all 6 members. This is impressive because I never saw the band, I managed to meet all 6 of the guys separately doing their own things. Jeff Plate with Metal Church, Chris Caffery solo, Jon Oliva with Jon Oliva's Pain, Zak Stevens with Circle II Circle, and Al Pitrelli/Johnny Lee Middleton with Trans-Siberian Orchestra - the whole thing spanned over 3 years from start to finish, but I did it, haha.
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Death - Sound of Perseverance, signed by all four musicians that played on it
3/1 CC Behemoth
3/22 Enslaved
4/11 At the Gates
5/14 FNM
5/15 Mastodon Clutch
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Originally Posted by Derelict View Post
Death - Sound of Perseverance, signed by all four musicians that played on it

"Bleach is healthy. It's mostly water, and we are mostly water, therefore we are bleach." - Nathan Explosion
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Lamb of God - All albums/dvd's signed by the band sans Mark Morton
Septicflesh - Communion signed by a couple members
Enslaved - Hordanes Land, Frost, Vertebrae, Isa, Axioma Ethica Odini signed by whole band.
I've lost track of just about everything.
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Kamelot - Poetry for the Poisoned - signed by everyone except Roy
Epica - Consign to Oblivion, The Divine Conspiracy, Design Your Universe - whole band except Coen; autographed Simone card that came with DYU pre-order
Swallow the Sun - New Moon - signed by whole band except Aleksi
Sonata Arctica - The Days of Grays, Reckoning Night, ticket stub
Sons of Seasons - Gods of Vermin - signed by Oliver, Simone, Mark
Seventh Wonder - Waiting in the Wings, Mercy Falls, The Great Escape
Blackguard - Profugus Mortis, So it Begins...

+ Autographed Epica, Swallow the Sun, and Symphony X posters
A shoe signed by Oceans of Sadness
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Trvium- Ascendancy
Walls of Jericho-With Devils Amongst Us
and uh....A Hinder cd
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I don't think I have autographed CDs. It's much harder to meet bands in person after the show here in Russia, but I'm sure I'll walk out of the Shoreline when I go to Mayhem Fest in July with a handful of sigs

The Dillinger Escape Plan
Ben Weinman
Jeff Tuttle

Public Enemy
Chuck D
Flavor Flav

Sergei Shnurov (Not signed in person)


Bless the Fall
Beau Bokan
Eric Lambert

Also some autographed setlists and picks by local bands (US) that I got because I'm such a nice guy.

I went to a Megadeth autograph session the same day that I'd meet them backstage but I arrived late and I never got an autograph Meeting them was cool though
11/22 Iceage
12/3 Peter Murphy
12/6 Cut Copy
3/15 Gogol Bordello
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Deep Purple
Machine Head (Ian Gillan)

All That Remains (Rich Ward)
Fozzy (Rich Ward and Chris Jericho)
Unreleased Rarities & Demos CDR (Rich Ward)

The Duke
My Kung Fu Is Good (Rich Ward)

Jon Amor
Brave As You Are (Jon Amor, Mat Beable and Mark Evans)

Come Back to Me (Arjen Lucassen)

(Another) Nervous Breakdown (Bigelf)

Chris Caffery
Music Man (Chris Caffery)

Metal Mike Chlasciak
Isolation Chamber: Grind Textural Abstraction (Metal Mike)
Territory: Guitar Kill!!! (Metal Mike)
The Spilling (Metal Mike)

Doctor Butcher
Doctor Butcher (Chris Caffery)

Unweaving The Rainbow (James LaBrie & Henning Pauly)

The Hoax
Live Forever (Jon Amor)

Shooter Jennings
The Wolf (Shooting Jennings)

Krux (Mats Leven, Leif Edling & Fredrik Akersson)
Krux II (Mats Leven, Leif Edling & Fredrik Akersson)

Bruce Kulick
Transformer (Bruce Kulick)
Audio Dog (Bruce Kulick)

Primal Fear
The Book of Seven Seals (Mats Sinner)

Stream of Passion
Out In The Real World (Stream of Passion)

Stuck Mojo
Southern Born Killers (Rich Ward)
Demos 1990-1993 Vol. 1 CDR (Rich Ward)
The Rising Demos CDR (Rich Ward)
Declaration of A Headhunter Demos/Live In San Fransisco 10-13-98 CDR (Rich Ward)

Prophecies (Sheldon Tarsha)

Demonic (Chuck Billy)

The Magnificent Seventh (Thunder)
Live At The Marquee DVD (Thunder)
Robert Johnson's Tombstone (Thunder)

Brian Vander Ark
Within Reach (Brian Vander Ark)
Live At Eddie's Attic 10.21.06 (Brian Vander Ark)

Ray Wilson
Live (Ray Wilson)
An Audience With Ray Wilson (Ray Wilson)

Ray Wilson & Stiltskin
She (Ray Wilson)
She single (Ray Wilson)
Lemon Yellow Sun single (Ray Wilson)
Live (Ray Wilson)

Other stuff:
Ozzy Osbourne lithograph (Ozzy Osbourne)
Black Label Society Mafia tour poster (Zakk Wylde)
Fight War of Words movie poster (Rob Halford)
The Duke May 1, 2005 London gig ticket (Rich Ward, Mike Martin, Sean Delson, Eric Frampton)

7/2 Primordial
13/2 BLS
3/3 Sanctuary
9/3 Fozzy
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Originally Posted by BloodoftheKings View Post
Mutiny Within - s/t
Slipknot - Vol. 3
You wanna sell that Slipknot CD?
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Some newer ones:

Terror Prevails (Mille Petrozza)
Endorama (Mille Petrozza)
Hordes of Chaos (Mille Petrozza)
Live Kreation (Mille Petrozza)
Coma of Souls (Mille Petrozza)
Outcast (Mille Petrozza)

Ignition EP (Michael Kiske & Kai Hansen)

The Union
Make Up Your Mind/Obsession single (Luke Morley, Pete Shoulder & Chris Childs)

Martin Popoff's Dio book
Corey Taylor's book

7/2 Primordial
13/2 BLS
3/3 Sanctuary
9/3 Fozzy

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