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Eluveitie -- Orlando, FL -- February 25th, 2010

What a great show! Minus the 1st band, System Divide, the whole show was killer and stellar! Here are sets:

Holy Grail

1. Immortal Man
2. Call Of Valhalla
3. Crisis In Utopia
4. Hollow Ground
5. My Last Attack
6. Fight To Kill

3 Inches Of Blood

1. The Goatrider's Horde
2. Destroy The Orcs
3. Lords Of Change
4. Trial Of Champions
5. Fear Upon The Bridge
6. Night Marauders
7. Strike Of The Blade
8. Deadly Sinners
9. Battles And Brotherhood


Intro - The Otherworld
1. Nil
2. Bloodstained Ground
3. Grey Sublime Archon
4. Your Gaulish War
5. Thousandfold
6. Inis Mona
7. Slania's Song
8. Brictom
9. Omnos
10. Quoth The Raven
11. The Song Of Life
12. Kingdom Come Undone
13. (Do)Minion
14. AnDro
15. Primordial Breath
16. Uis Elveti
17. Tegernakô

So I guess the real fun of the telling of the tale of a show comes with the pits for Eluveitie. When they 1st came out the pits were just standard Metal Moshing Pits, nothing new there, but when they went into the Inis Mona the pit turned into less of a SKA pit but more a moshing Irish step dance pit, it was bizarre but the band was loving it, they noted the dancing several times and it was great fun to be in. Plus there were choruses of singing of the melody to the song, very Fear of the Dark.

Slania's Song turned out to be one of the biggest highlights of the night, because you had a crowd of a few hundred trying to sing in Gaulish and mostly failing, but it's the thought that counts. Anna went on to say what to say that the song was one of their Switzerland and asked if we would like to sing it for America. The crowd responded with mostly "no" and Anna remarked "Well they loved doing it in Texas" and the band had a laugh. As soon this was said the crowd launched into a "FUCK TEXAS" chant, which went for a good minute.

After the show I went around to the back and hung out with 3 Inches for a bit, and got photos with everyone. Trying not to bog everyone down with details on here I'll make a list of the events.
  1. Hung out with the bands till they HAD to leave
  2. Bought Eluveite and Holy Grail a few cases of beer and Anna a bottle of red wine.
  3. Heard the greatest stories from the guys in Holy Grail
  4. Quoted a shit ton of movies and songs
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