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Old 01-30-2011, 12:40 PM
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Arson Anthem -- Fayetteville, AR -- January 29th, 2011

If any of the format is of I apologize, my fail Internet is down and I'm doing this off my iPhone but I couldn't wait to post this. I should have picked a crappier show for my first of the year. This one will be tough to top.

I went and bought the Arson Anthem VIP. For only $50 I couldn't pass it up. The only fail part of the night was getting there on time @ 4:30 and getting in around 5:45. But I finally got in and got to see soundcheck. First time getting to see a soundcheck. Pretty cool. Fun seeing band just jamming and just playing around. They even played a slowed version of "Too Fast For Love" by Motley & them at the end said "Motley Cre fucking sucks". Lol. They did soundcheck for maybe half hour or so. Unfortunately because of the amount of people the posters were pre signed already but still able to get a picture w/ the band. They were all cool and outgoing and I got complemented on my Napalm Death shirt.

Left and ate and to my surprise when I came back the 2 local bands were actually good. First band was Hymn (not sure if I heard name right). Black metal sounding. Corpse paint, spikes, yet oddly no bass player. Good opener. Next band was Vore, very good as well. Kind of a death metal & thrash sound.

After the 2 locals it really started picking up. Next band up was Haarp. Holy shit were they heavy. They are from New Orleans and sounded the part. Closest I could compare to is Eyehategod. Absolute sludgey riffs. Singer was crazy. For a couple of songs he walked into the crowd and seemed like he'd disappear and then comeback again. Not sure how many have heard Haarp but I highly recommend them. Phil and Mike were both jamming out on the side of the stage.

Good god!!! Next was Warbeast & that was some of the best thrash I have ever heard in my life. I loved that their singer is bringing back the skullet as well. He also grabbed me by the shoulders and violently shook me twice. Good times!!! Phil even came out and did vocals on a couple of songs as well. Listening to their cd doesn't do them justice. This is a band who needs to be seen by all who love thrash. They said they'd be back in Fayetteville soon. When that happens I will be back. I got their setlist and I'll post that when I'm out of work. Killer stuff!!!

In all honesty I wasn't expecting alot out of AA in all honesty. They vastly exceeded any expectations. I just cringed... I knew there would be 1 asshole and I was right "play Bury Me In Smoke" goddamit there's always one. Almost seemed like a letdown seeing Mike as coherent as he was. Very opposite of my Eyehategod experience. Although he did break a glass beer bottle for some reason I'm unaware of. They actually opened up w/ "Symptom Of The Universe/Paranoid". They didn't do full versions but wow what an opener. Alot of fun covers. They did "Raining Blood" & the random cover song of the night being "Ain't Talkin Bout Love" one of the guitarists from Warbeast came out and sang this. I'm not 100% sure of all of the AA songs but I do remember alot tho. Phil was Phil on stage. In between songs Phil Asked if anyone knew any Christ Inversion lyrics, then asked if you know Metallica, then he said go home an listen to them. And then asked the crowd "do you wanna hear a Pantera/Eyehategod/Assjack medley? Too bad you ain't gettin one". Hilarious. Although they did actually play "Sister Fucker Part 1" Mike almost looked disgusted & Phil did the vocals for it. The greatest part of the night was last song of the night "Insecurity Notoriety" and while they are doin the song Warbeast & Haarp get on stage as well. There are probably a dozen bands on a small stage w/ a beam that might be 7' off the stage. It was insane. The singer for Haarp came on stage through the crowd & he was stage diving, a guitarist from Warbeast jumped in the crowd. Dude is like 6'4 & there might have been 100 or a little more in the crowd. It was insane & very amazing. When I get to a working computer I'll post pics bc it was that amazing. This ranks in my top 5 shows I've ever been to. And I feel fortunate out of the 6 days they did I got to see one. Pictures should be up hopefully tonight or tomorrow.

Arson Anthem (Out of order & Incomplete)
Symptom Of The Universe / Paranoid
Isolation Militia
Bunker Life (?)
Raining Blood
Polite Society Blacklist
Pretty Like That
Sister Fucker Part 1
Crippled Life
Year Of The Fork
Ain't Talkin Bout Love
Insecurity Notoriety
10/7 - Run The Jewels
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Old 01-30-2011, 05:30 PM
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I wanted to go to this show so freakin badly. Goddammit.

Too bad you don't have a haarp setlist...I love them.
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Old 01-31-2011, 12:08 PM
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Lucky!! I wish AA would come out to LA
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Old 01-31-2011, 02:11 PM
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Originally Posted by vegantopher View Post
Lucky!! I wish AA would come out to LA
12/3-Lil B
12/10-Agnostic Front?
12/18-Code Orange?
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arson anthem, haarp, warbeast

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