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Chris Cornell -- London, England -- May 3rd, 2016
Def Leppard -- Pensacola, FL -- May 2nd, 2016
The Contortionist -- Detroit, MI -- May 1st, 2016
Steel Panther -- Raleigh, NC -- April 28th, 2016
It Lies Within -- Flint, MI -- April 29th, 2016

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Old 09-25-2010, 04:08 PM
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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
What's with all the hate for The River Dragon Has Come. It's a killer track?

I do agree that this is too short of a set for a headlining spot. Maybe they'll add a song or two for upcoming shows.
I don't think there's any hate for River Dragon at all. In my first post I was just telling the OP that it won't be leaving the set anytime soon. If any one song from them is a regular it's that one. I'm not sure how you got that any of us were hating on it. It's one of my favorites off of DHIADW along with the title track, Narco and Evolution 169. I wonder why Four Walls is played so much though?

When I saw them in 2005 they did River Dragon and the song completely crushes live. There will be some different songs I think. They tend to switch a few songs up in their sets with some regularity.
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Old 09-25-2010, 04:51 PM
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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
I was there... that is not the entire set. They played a lot more, "The Heart Collector" and "Taste Revenge" (Sanctuary cover) are two to name.
That's cool. Setlist fm has been pretty hit and miss lately. I though the short set was odd, especially for it being in their home town. "The Heart Collector" rules. Cool that they did a Sanctuary song too.
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Old 09-25-2010, 06:59 PM
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I, Voyager
The Termination Proclamation
The River Dragon Has Come
Emptiness Unobstructed
Inside Four Walls
Your Poison Throne
Beyond Within
This Godless Endeavor
The Seven Tongues of God
The Obsidian Conspiracy
Enemies of Reality
Alot to like here. TGE, Obsidian Conspiracy, Termination Proclamation, 7 Tongues, RDHC, I Voyager. I am less of a fan of Born (overplayed) Narcosynethesis, Inside Four Walls, Emptiness Unobstructed and Your Poison Throne. I am not a huge fan of Beyond Within but its cool to see them playing it. I'd like to have seen The Heart Collector (which they apparently played so thats cool). Engines of Hate, Sound of Silence, Deconstruction, Psalm of Lydia, Sentient 6, Poison Godmachine, Seed Awakening or Next in Line over some of the ones I mentioned. Still pretty hard to fault that set. I just want to finally see them live. I keep missing them and I will miss them again cause last I checked they ain't coming to Florida
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