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KISS -- Melbourne, Australia -- October 9th, 2015
Danzig -- Memphis, TN -- October 7th, 2015
Ghost -- St. Louis, MO -- October 6th, 2015
Annihilator -- London, England -- October 4th, 2015
Kylesa -- St. Petersburg, FL -- October 6th, 2015

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Summer Slaughter 2011

Morbid Angel
Black Dahlia Murder
Vital Remains
Abigail Williams
Fleshgod Apocalypse
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9/5-Altar of Plagues
9/25-St. Vitus
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I only wish Summer Slaughter would be that awesome.
10/04 - Witchaven (?)
10/05 - Ghost
10/07 - Norma Jean (?)
10/12 - Negura Bunget
10/13 - The Sword (?)
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one person on last.fm: KMFCM posted a realistic and great list

Dismember (maybe not this lol)
Animals As Leaders
Decrepit Birth
War From a Harlots Mouth
Cephelic Carnage
Black Breath

You would think its hard to get Immo, suffo and decap all on the same bill but since they are tour whores I think they could pull it off.
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The Faceless
The Acacia Strain
Impending Doom
After The Burial
Abigail Williams
Burning The Masses
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I tried to keep this realistic in terms of what the tour is known to contain (death metal and deathcore), but put in some bands that would be nice to see on it.

Cattle Decapitation
The Red Shore
Annotations of an Autopsy
Son of Aurelius
Burning the Masses

FYI, I really don't want to see Annotations of an Autopsy, but there is always one complete shit band on the tour.
Ride the wings of death.
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Originally Posted by treghet View Post
FYI, I really don't want to see Annotations of an Autopsy, but there is always one complete shit band on the tour.
AOAA was probably the worst band I have ever seen live when they opened for Dying Fetus.

I guess I could try my own, but I'm gonna go with a true dream list, not a realistic one.

Anaal Nathrakh
Insect Warfare
Landmine Marathon

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The Black Dahlia Murder
The Acacia Strain
Arsonists Get All The Girls
After The Burial
Landmine Marathon
10/29 Rae Sremmurd
11/12 The Weeknd
11/15 Parkway Drive
11/28 ABR/ETID

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Originally Posted by NecroRob View Post

BAM I'm there.
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Here's one I could actually see. I was at SS 09 and this years, and although I had a great time each year, the organizers should really try to make this tour more diverse, and not just focus on tech death and deathcore.

Morbid Angel - could definitely see them headlining this
The Faceless - not a huge fan but I've enjoyed them each time I've seen them, and they draw a good crowd
Immortal - not really into, but SS 09 actually had a black metal band, which would help make this more diverse
Gojira - awesome band, I saw them headline and they could easily draw 200 people or so
Rotting Christ - great and different band from previous tours
Dying Fetus - had the craziest crowd in 09
Decrepit Birth - seem to be more popular and are a good band for SS
Annotations Of An Autopsy - core band, good to draw people in
Mortician - some people would like this, idk, I can't think of anyone else. I guess they're different enough.
9/25 - Godflesh
9/30 - Mark Knopfler
10/17 - Ringo Starr
10/24 - Danzig
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